October, 2017
BEAUTY TIPS Vol.2 September - November

Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter; our skin needs special attention.

Summer and winter are two seasons in which extreme environmental factors prevail: the sun, the dry air and the snow can all take their toll on our skin. Spring and autumn, on the other hand, represent the perfect time to renew, to recover from previous environmental aggressions and emerge restored and refreshed whilst prepping the skin for harsher climates.

In autumn, atmosphere characteristics are dry air indoors and cooler air outdoors.
Skin issues: rough, dry, dehydrated, drab skin (summer aftermath).
Remedy: moisturize, protect and prepare.

During summer, our skin is exposed to several aggressive elements (such as the sun, sand, insect repellents, etc.) which can damage the skin.

Adjust your skin care routine for fabulous fall skin.

60 min
Common skin imperfections corrections Link
An unparalleled combinaiton of treatments: Carboxytherapy + chemical peeling (AS A GIFT!)
An efficient control of skin imperfections: pigmentation irregularities, fine wrinkles, elasticity loss, swelling, etc.

  1. Chemical peeling Peel Mix – the combined effect of three acids (salicylic, almond and pyruvic) gently removes superficial keratinized skin cells, ensuring even skin, alignment of skin pigmentation and stimulating the processes of its rejuvenation. 
  2. Immediately after the peeling a sterile medical carbon dioxide is injected into the skin and subcutaneously. With the introduction of the gas a powerful activation of microcirculation, active delivery of nutrients, the germination of new capillaries and the "construction" of new elastic collagen fibers take place. All this eliminates the stagnation of lymph in the tissues and improves the exit of toxins, strengthens the facial contour, improves the overall texture of the face, neck and décolleté skin as well as effectively brightens the dark circles around the eyes. The skin is even, soft and resilient. A course is recommended for an optimal result. 
During the action of chemical peeling there is a feeling of warmth, a slight tingling, and during carboxytherapy - pulsation and slight tension for 2-4 minutes, accompanied with light reddening. Carbon dioxide is easily distributed in the thickness of tissues and is rapidly excreted from the body.

First 30-40 minutes you can feel some swelling and redness of the skin - this is a natural reaction to the chemical peeling and injection of carbon dioxide. Afterwards there is absolutely no trace of any of these slight skin discomforts.
In the evening and during the next days all that is left is a sensation of comfort and skin tightness, as if lifted. Visibly reduced bags and dark circles in the eye contour area. The skin is brighter and smoother for a very long time! 
up to 90 min
[C] Collagene Hyaluronique™ SOTHYS Link

Your skin is not always the same age as you!

Individual skin diagnostics will determine the relative skin age for the patented immediate rejuvenation treatment: smoothes and fills the wrinkles, restores elasticity and derma’s density, effectively lifts and nourishes the skin.

Immediate and prolonged effect!

Of all the seasons, perhaps the most romanticised and hotly anticipated is autumn. But what may look pretty in a picture often doesn’t bode well for our skin. With a sharp drop in temperature making us switch on the heating, the autumn weather can wreak havoc on any skin type. Here are our top 5 essential autumn beauty tips to see you and your skin through the change in seasons.

  1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate..

    To save your skin from becoming dull, lackluster and dehydrated during the autumn months, up your exfoliation to twice a week. Exfoliating regularly, helps to increase cellular regeneration and removes dead skin cells that can hinder the absorption of any moisturisers or serums. Exfoliating treatments in Beauty Institute - chemical, mechanical or both (i.e.Resurfacing peeling SOTHYS, Expert Duo Microdermabrasion+ Simone Mahler), as well as appropriate continuation at home is your first and key step towards renewed and healthy skin. When selecting a scrub, we recommend choosing one with natural exfoliants.
    Attention! Deep scalp and hair cleansing is no lesser step in your care routine, that is generally overlooked or entirely forgotten. Hair and scalp damages during the summer (from salty water, sun, sand..) may lead not just to dandruff appearance but hair loss. Moreover, the time of hats is coming and it is essential to strengthen the hair ASAP! 
  2. More moisture

    Having a super-moisturising facial product in your arsenal and regular appointments for hydrating treatments (Hydra3HaTM SOTHYS, Hydra-nutrition concept Bamboo – Aloe-Vera Bernard Cassière) really is one of the most important autumn beauty tips!
    If you've decided to have a beauty injection with hyaluronic acid, be sure to have a peeling in advance, like Jet PeelTM. Summer days, especially the last ones, warm and sunny, dehydrated our skin. Make sure you avoid any cosmetics that contain drying alcohol, as this synthetic nasty strips your skin of moisture and can cause it to become dry and itchy. Hydrating masks have to become your "treatments at home". If your complexion has lost its "brightness", pay specially attention to your night time care. Choose nourishing, saturating creams that strengthen skin's healthy glow. 
  3. Choose natural lip care

    In fall (and winter) many resort to the help of simple, supposedly effective, means that are "at hand". МIt can be tempting to reach for a tub of petroleum jelly to protect chapped lips from the chill; however that innocent looking tub may not be as helpful as you think. As a by-product from the oil industry, petroleum jelly is not compatible with our skin. Slathering it on your lips is essentially wrapping your skin in cling film, preventing it from breathing and potentially making the area even more sore and chapped. Instead we recommend lip products that contain natural waxes, butters and oils to protect, nourish and repair damaged lips. For example, specially released limited edition Fall-Winter Gourmat Lip balm with almond oil and beeswax. As for treatments in Beauty institutes give preference to the ones containing masks for ALL skin, neck and decollete, including lip contour (and even, if there;s no contradictions, on entire lips), i.e. Seasonal Care Sothys.
  4. Aid your hands

    Probably the most common cold skin quandary is dry, sore hands. This isn’t really surprising as our hands are often exposed to the elements, whether it's fumbling for keys or wearing gloves, we often neglect them when it comes to skin care. Because the skin on your hands doesn't produce as much natural oil as the rest of your body, this area is much more prone to dryness, especially in colder weather. It’s time to pamper your hands! Hand creams, paraffin baths, glove-masks. In case of hyperpigmentation, when your hands give out your age, we recommend Carboxytherapy. Be sure to avoid using disinfectants based on alcohol, or, after each use, apply a very nutritive cream.
  5. Skin beauty comes from within

    You can make a big difference to your skin by making some small changes to your diet. For example, many of us still don’t drink enough water and this can cause skin to become dry and flaky. Drinking 2 litres of filtered water per day (8 x 250ml glasses) is an essential way to protect your skin from succumbing to autumn dullness. Also, try to eat more foods rich in natural fatty acids and antioxidants, Omega-3, vitamins A, C and E - these will help restore the body, prepare it for the challenges it will face in the upcoming winter, and boost the skin's immune system while restoring its natural glow. Fresh seasonal products - pumpkin, beets, carrots, apples, quince and grapes - are not only healthy, but will make your meals truly bright, even on the grayest autumn day!
TOP10 FALL Skin care products Link

At the end of summer, the skin needs to get rid of a dense layer of superficial epithelium, eliminate the uneven pigmentation and "quench" its thirst. All this is provided by peelings and moisturisers. An important step towards eliminating undesirable manifestations of summer vacations is face and body peeling. Peelings are selected in accordance with the condition of the skin and are recommended twice a week.

  1. SOTHYS Cosmeceutiques RED Desquacrem Forte - perfect for the sun damaged skin. Especially recommended for the skin with signs of photoageing and hyperpigmentation. Slightly foaming reinforced action cleanser purifies the skin, including pores, provides softness and regulates sebumation. Buy now.

  2. Bernard Cassière Thailand Spirit Green Tea body peeling – contains green tea extract and volcanic particles, perfectly exfoliates the skin, and evens and emphasises the tan, prolonging its natural beauty. With a refreshing fragrance; will suit any type of skin. Buy now.

  3. SOTHYS Delicious scrub Cinnamon and ginger escape – the best-seller of body peelings! The marmalade texture provides additional pleasure upon application, but warm cinnamon and ginger scents will make any cold winter day super-cozy. Natural nutmeg grains efficiently and deeply eliminate the skin of impurities, leaving it soft and tender. No need to apply additional lotions or creams afterwards (unless your skin is extremely dry)! This peeling is perfect for use in saunas. Buy now.

  4. JFLazartigue Oily scalp treatment Massage gel for Deep Cleansing Pre-shampoo – refreshing purifying light scalp peeling. Ideal treatment after sea, beach or pool, perfect for oily skins and/or with dandruff. Buy now.

  5. SOTHYS Energizing Booster serum - a reviving serum for tired, lifeless skin with Siberian Ginseng extract, also known as "the root of life". Just few drops before applying your daily cream will provide your skin with everything it needs to "re-charge". Prolongs make-up. Especially recommended after sickness or during especially stressful days. Buy now.

  6. Simone Mahler HYDRALURON™ global moisturizing cream – with strawberry extract vitamin complex to provide the skin with essentials during autumn. 24/7 intense deep hydration and protection against any external aggression. Buy now.

  7. Bernard Cassière THE BOOSTERS Aloe Nutritive pearls Nutri-enricher serum – probably the most needed innovation! Just 4 drops of this serum added to any of your regular cream will guarantee additional hydration, nourishment and protection! Buy now.

  8. SOTHYS Cosmeceutiques BLUE RS Regenerative Solution - unique properties of this product allow to eliminate irritations and inflammations, hydrate and stimulate skin tissues regeneration. Perfect for weakened skin . Buy now.

  9. SOTHYS Hydra-smoothing mask – softly textured mask for immediate hydration and saturation of dehydrated skin. Prevents ageing processes and provides incomparable sense of comfort for your skin. Buy now.

  10. JFLazartigue Ultra-regenerating mask with hyaluronic acid, collagen and keratin – this anti-ageing mask restructers the hair from roots to tips. Recommended for sunburned hair, for weakened and lifeless hair (after the sickness, pregnancy or other hormonal failures, after numerous manipulations with hair - coloring, curling etc.). Buy now.
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