Sunbathing advices

Each one of us differs in the reaction to sun exposure. Genetic factors, color of the skin and its sensibility against sun rays define each person’s photo-type.


Experts recommend

What it is, why it happens and how to deal with it!
Tells beautician, face and body aesthetics specialist, SIMONE MAHLER trainer in Latvia Olga KOZHEMYAKO

Skin dehydration is a process where under the influence of various internal and external factors skin tissues lose moisture.
(Laila ATSLEDZINA, Doctors)
How to help the skin around the eyes? Link to advice
Every woman at a certain moment in her life faces the problem of skin aging – that’s our nature. The changes of age are inevitably visible on the eyes – appear first lines, fatigue and lack of sleep provoke dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.
(Olga LEBEDEVA, Estheticians/Beauticians)
How to wash your hair properly Link to advice
Washing the hair is a very special process. Have you known, that incorrectly washing the hair you can damage it? No? Well then...
(Tamara POLYACHKOVA, Hairdressers/Barbers/Stylists)
Little spring advices Link to advice
Our skin meets the spring not in its finest condition: winter is always marked by shortage of fresh air, sun and movement. Moreover, our eating habits are not the best either – more carbs and fats, less veggies and fruits. We lack sunlight and our immune system weakens. Our skin becomes vulnerable, more sensitive, loses its balance. As a result, the complexion is uneven, dull and needs help! The skin awaits “vivification”.
(Dana Karlsberga, Estheticians/Beauticians)
Honey – a real miracle of nature! Link to advice
For million of years, bees collect flowers nectar and create an amazing product – honey that poses exceptional qualities.
(Irina LUFERCHIK, Estheticians/Beauticians)
Don't let the pimples mess with your life! Link to advice
Pimples ruin the everyday lives of thousands of teenagers around the world. And not only teenagers! Increasingly, acne affects adults’ life as well.
(Olga LEBEDEVA, Estheticians/Beauticians)
Why our skin needs peeling?! Link to advice
Our skin requires constant attention and care. We all know how important it is to moisturise, nourish the skin, and prevent the aging processes. There are a vast number of cosmetic products created for these purposes (creams, serums, masks etc.). However, for all these valuable substances could better penetrate and affect our skin it is important to regularly professionally deeply cleanse it – peel.
(Valentina Chugunova, Doctors)
Most popular mistakes in hair care and how to avoid them! Link to advice

Small tips that make huge difference for attractive hair!

(Svetlana KESKA-DRUBINA, Hairdressers/Barbers/Stylists)
An advice for men! Link to advice
Recommendations for gentle hand shaving:
(Ingrida RITINA, Doctors)
Unique remedial properties of cowberries! Link to advice
The bright autumn has arrived, the time when we all enjoy walks in the forests full of nature’s gifts. September and October are the cowberry time. Its medical properties people use since ancient times.
(Helen PANOVA, Doctors)
Exercises for the hands: Link to advice
These simple exercises, if performed every day, will help to improve the suppleness of your hands and the blood circulation. This also will help your hands to take best advantage of the MAVALA care products.
(Inese BLUMA, Medical pedicure and manicure specialists)
Now is the perfect time! Link to advice
From time immemorial, two seemingly conflicting requirements are relevant to everyone - recovery of lost hair and getting rid of unwanted hair.
(Valentina Chugunova, Doctors)

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