Piercing – the garment of selected few

The word «piercingг» comes from the Middle English word percen – to penetrate, to make a hole or opening. Professional body piercing is the puncturing of any region of face and/or body skin with special needles of different diameters and an insertion of medical clamps of different shapes into the opening with the following fitting of special jewellery for body piercing.

History of body piercing has many thousands of years. Since ancient times, people tried to beautify their bodies with piercings, ornaments, earrings. For example, in Egypt, women pierced navels, but wearing a ring in this part of the body was allowed only for priestesses and those close to the Pharaoh. In ancient India, the ladies wore an earring in one nostril. The Roman soldiers preferred to pierce nipples; this meant he is courageous, daring and brave. In modern times, body piercing has become a symbol of rebellion and to some extent a way to deal with stress and self-assertion. 

Now piercing is one of the usual human body “decoration” methods. It has become some sort of self-expression amongst young people. 

Piercing specialists note the tendency of "maturity" among the fans of body piercing. In the past few years, it is mostly those over 30 coming to apparel their body and face with piercing. 

Navel piercing is one of the most aesthetically attractive types; it is especially popular among young girls. Eyebrow piercing looks effective and meaningful, it is suitable for both sexes, and the special form of earrings can emphasise the individuality.


April, 2018

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