Baobab oil - life and fertility

In the mythology of many African nations the baobab tree represents life, fertility and is a keeper of the earth.


African legend tells that the Creator planted the Baobab tree in the valley of river Congo, but it began to complain about the dampness. Then, the Creator transplanted it onto the slope of Moon Mountains, and here the Baobab was unhappy. Angered by constant complains of the tree, the Creator snatched it out of the earth and threw it into the dry African soil. Since then the Baobab grows with its roots upwards...
Indeed, the baobab is famous for its unusual proportions. During dry season, when the baobab drops its leaves, it looks kind of funny, like something growing with the roots upwards. In fact, the tree is taking care of moisture prevention - there is not much of it in the places where the tree grows.
Spongy, porous baobab wood absorbs water during rainy season like a sponge thus explaining the unusual width of these trees - they act like great water reservoirs. Because of the thick bark - soft outside, but firm and fibrous inside, the accumulated moisture does not evaporate. There are allegations that one mature tree can accumulate more than 100 thousand liters of water. We are not sure that such large reservoirs still indeed exist, but that it does absorb moist is a firm fact. Another interesting feature associated with water accumulation is that while using up the moisture the baobab tree changes in its size: shrinks and reduces in volume.
Nobody can say for sure the age of the baobab - it does not have ageing rings like other trees. Nobody doubts it is a long-liver, and somewhere around thousand years old for this tree is usual. Some researches claim that baobabs live even for five thousand years! Taking into account its gigantic size one may believe in such substantive age - average circumference of the trunk is 9-11 meters and the crown branches may stretch for almost 40 meters in diameter.
October-December is the blossoming and fruit-bearing time - it gets covered in leaves and enjoys life. it has huge white flowers (up to 20cm in diameter) that are pollinated by bats. Fluorescent baobab flowers open up only for one night and then fall down. Fruits can be compared to gigantic trunk and flowers - they remind melons by the size and smell.
Baobab fruits are edible. People eat its reddish flesh and baboons tackle the whole fruit. For this incredible attachment of baboons the tree sometimes is called "a monkey bread tree". However, it is not just the fruits. The tree does not have a single part that can not used by people. Fresh leaves are good for salads, dried ones - as a spices for various dishes; from dry pulp of the fruit the refreshing drink can be made; dried and grounded seeds replace coffee; from treated fibrous bark people weave nets, mats, ropes, cloth. Soft trunk of a baobab, over saturated with water, is subject to fungal diseases, thus they are usually hollow decayed inside. For this, it can serve as a shelter, storage room or water tank.
Amazing giant can be found throughout Africa and in some parts of India and Australia.


Baobab seeds contain large amount of Vitamins A, С, D, E and F, beta-carotene, amino acids, tartar acid that are essential for healthy skin. The oil is obtained through cold pressing guaranteeing the retention of all useful substances. The smell is very nice, with light nutty notes.
The main action of baobab oil is to actively moisturise any type of the skin. It can be used to treat and repair dry, dehydrated skin, it enables quick healing of sun-burns. It increases elasticity, restores the texture of the skin with ageing signs. Acts as a strong antioxidant, protects skin from premature ageing, reduces blemishes and scars, soothes irritated and sun-damaged skin. The oil helps to keep the skin elastic for the long time, it can prevent stretch marks making it an ideal for pregnant women.

Benefits of Baobab oil:
- Softer skin;
- Restructurisation;
- Quick absorbtion;
- Improved skin elasticity;
- Boosted cell regeneration process;
- Does not plug the pores;
- Conserved healthy skin due to fatty acids;
- Can be used for sensitive and irritated skin.

Beauty Institute “Liorá” recommends:

Enjoy the aromatic body peeling for the body with baobab oil and grounded coffee seeds during the exquisite ritual Tribal Body IT for deep cleansing and softening of the skin.


April, 2018

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