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The highest criterion of beauty for Japanese women – soft elastic skin with smooth satin glow. For centuries rice Nuka peeling helps to reach this goal.

Every morning the sun greets Japan – a country with rich history and colorful traditions. The women of the Land of the Rising Sun were always famous for their beautiful, well-groomed skin. Japanese women until the ripe old age retain freshness and beauty. They very carefully keep the recipes of preserving skin and hair in perfect condition, many of these recipes are unique and passed along from generation to generation.
Rice bran – a favorite ingredient in traditional Japanese cosmetology for decades. In the Eastern countries rice bran is the ancient cleansing. Rice powder (powdered rice bran) removes impurities of the skin, making it shiny and elastic.


It is interesting that Nuka in Japanese means «rice brans» and its hieroglyph consists of two elements – «rice» and «health».

As many centuries before, in order to preserve «porcelain» skin and youthful face, modern Japanese women use Nuka peeling on a regular basis for cleansing. A bag with rice powder is placed in hot water, pressed afterward until a milky-liquid appears. Gently forcing the bag against the facial skin, every part of it is treated including neck area. The bags is placed in hot water as many times as needed. During peeling white emulsion appears on the skin – rice milk that is left for a few minutes and then washed off with warm water.
Nuka peeling absorbs superficial impurities, gives uniform and velvety complexion. The rice ceramides intensify the synthesis of collagen and elastin thus preventing premature aging and making the skin more resilient.
Rice powder contains Vitamin E, stearic (45%), linoleic (35%), palmitic (15%) and linolenic (2%) acids and can actively stimulate cells regeneration, renew hydro-lipid fim, tone and improve elasticity, protect the skin.

Beauty Institute “Liorá” recommends:

In SPA ritaul Tribal IT rice peeling takes a special place. Its recipe is adopted from the one of Japanese women with their famous smooth skin. Nuka peeling does not only eliminate dead cells, but also softens the skin, activates metabolism and returns the skin its radiance.


March, 2018

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