Cretan Diet

Sunny island of Crete is famous not only for its mild climate, turquoise bays and sandy beaches, but also for the longevity of its inhabitants. The secret of this longevity lies in the local «Cretan» diet. It maintains good health and youth of local residents for many years now.

As we know, Crete is the birthplace of ancient culture – antiquity, and is an island of extremely rich cultural and historical heritage. The inseparable part of Cretan culture is its world famous «Cretan diet» – a perfect example of a well-balanced varied healthy nutrition. Researchers of London University have proved that Cretan diet does improve health and increase expectancy of life. Currently the inhabitants of Crete are the healthiest people in Europe!
What is included in the Cretan menu? First of all, olive oil (it is considered it provides up to 30% of daily necessary energy for one person), cereal, bread, beans, vegetables and fruits. To a lesser extent – cheese, milk, eggs, fish and some drops of red wine during the day. All products have to be grown and manufactured locally.
Majority of modern Cretan cuisine recipes – is the legacy of antiquity. Ever since the Minoan civilisation the residents of Crete highly appreciate olive oil, olives, herbs and vegetables. The local cuisine is historically based on these products. The recipes saved by local residents from negligence still strike us with their simplicity, subtlety of taste and other advantages. It is always healthy food that stimulates immune system, revival of strength and prolonged life expectancy.


1. 1. Replace all other fats with olive oil.
2. 2. If desired, drink light red wine during meals: 1–2 glasses for men and 1 glass for women per day.
3. 3. For dessert – only fruits. Limit or completely neglect from your diet sweets and sugar.
4. 4. Eat fruits, vegetables, bread, cereals, beans, nuts as much as you want.
5. О5. Give preference to minimally processed, fresh, seasonal, locally grown (in your region) products.
6. 6. Allow yourself some cheese and yoghurt on a daily basis. Every week – fish or fowl. 1 – 2 times a month – red meat.
7. 7. Eliminate or minimise the consumption of chicken eggs: not more than 4 per week.
8. 8. Salt is not popular. Replace it with salty feta cheese or olives.
Living in harmony, enjoying life – this is what we should learn from the inhabitants of the Isle of Crete.

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February, 2018

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