Bernard Cassière Egg

A little bit of summer in the middle of the winter on your windowsill!
Do not be afraid – no dinosaur will hatch :)

On the contrary, a beautiful flower shall grow... All you need to do is to gently knock off the top of the egg (like you do with a light-boiled egg). The seeds are pre-planted in the soil medium and will germinate for about two weeks! Most importantly, expose the plant to a mild sunlight 6-8 hours per day, keep the soil moist and avoid putting excessive water!


Plant Manual:
  1. Gently knock a hole on the top of the egg
  2. The seeds are pre-planted in the soil medium
  3. Place the product near the window under mild sunlight. Keep the substrate moist all the time. Avoid putting excessive water to the soil medium!
  4. Transplant to a bigger pot or add fertilizer, it will grow better. 
Germination temperature: 22-26С°
Germinate: 7-15 days
Grow temperature: 20-38С°
Sunlight exposure timing: 6-8 hours/day


P.s. Very limited edition! Comes AS A GIFT only when purchasing an anti-stress BERNARD CASSIÈRE Nutriprotective Chocolate products: Cocoa Beans peeling + Nutriprotective Cocoa cream!


April, 2018

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