Pregnancy massage

It has been ages since people learned about the benefits of massage. With its properties many sicknesses were cured and prevented. In ancient China, Japan, Egypt and India massage was used to relief the condition of future mothers. Already then people understood what special processes happen in women’s body and what should be done for successful pregnancy.

Pregnancy, awaiting for a child to be born – is one of the most beautiful periods for many women. It is complete with harmony and internal satisfaction. Nevertheless, it is also a period full of physical and emotional changes. Future mothers become vulnerable, sensitive, significant physiological alterations manifest themselves in the early pregnancy period. pregnancy-massage.jpg

It has been said and written a lot about the beneficial properties of massages. However, one thing is your general, classical massage and something completely different – massage for pregnant women. First question asked by each woman in labor – what to give up in ordinary daily life thus, not to harm a baby? Definitely not the massage! The decision about undergoing the massage for pregnant women comes from your doctor, since there might not be general contraindications, but individual, depending on the course of pregnancy. The massage for pregnant women differs with its ease and tenderness of movements.

prenatal_massage.jpgThe main areas in affect during the massage are back, neck and shoulders, legs and arms. Back and neck massage helps to unload the spine due to greater weight of the belly and breasts. Legs and arms massage improves blood circulation, improves the work of all systems and organs with action on biologically active points.

Massage during pregnancy reliefs the pain in the spine, neck, lower back, hips as well as legs and feet; relaxes tense muscles; helps to correct mood swings caused by hormonal changes. It helps to reduce and alleviate edema, improves the mood causing better supply of nutrition and oxygen to the both mother’s and child’s cells.

This kind of massage can be performed only by a specially trained certified specialist.


February, 2018

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