Taurine is a biologically active agent. Some researchers call it amino acid, others - the vitamin-like agent. Two German scientists (Frieddrich Tiedemann and Leopold Gmelin) discovered a new protein in the bull's bile in 1827, and named it Taurine, in reference to the Latin word Taurus (meaning bull). Taurine never gained any significance, until in 1970 some scientists haven't noticed its irreplaceability in cats food.


Many people are familiar with the term «taurine» as the star ingredient of fashionable energy drinks, however it is not limited with its magical properties to this. It is an endogenous component of our body. It can be found in: the brain and spinal cord, nerves, liver, kidney, leukocytes, skeletal muscle and the heart muscle. Provided with a sufficient amount of Vitamin B6 our bodies can synthesise Taurine from cysteine in the liver and from methionine in other organs and tissues. A diet rich in Taurine is meat, fish, milk, oysters, clams, eggs and red algae.

Taurine influences almost all organs and systems of our body throughout the lifetime. it influences the body since the first moment in life till the old age. This amino acid influences both the cells and the whole organism. It participates in the synthesis of many other amino acids necessary for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, Е, К), as well as it is the main component of bile. Taurine affects not only the functionality of our organs, but also has a huge impact on our mental state.
Taurine participates in the thermoregulation of our organism: when a person practices sports, the temperature of different body parts varies - taurine helps to regulate correctly the body temperature at heavy loads not letting the organism to freeze or overheat.
Bodybuilders and sportsmen involved in heavy-lifting or other "power" sports, use different dietary supplements with taurine to stimulate the muscles growth. In high achievements or endurance sports athletes use taurine to increase the volume of blood circulation to the heart and thus optimizing its performance.


It is scientifically proven that the taurine strengthens the cellular membrane, because it generates the lecithin in it; it also protects the skin cells from free radicals and antioxidants; boosts the restoring process of damaged tissues; neutralises the negative environmental effects such as UV radiation and extreme climatic conditions. Taurine improves the cellular nutrition due to the higher inflow of glucose and it is involved in the detoxification process.
In human skin the highest content of taurine is concentrated in the granular layer of the epidermis, located beneath the superficial stratum corneum. When the cells of the stratum corneum become inviable (under the influence of stress or due to mechanical damages), the barrier function of the skin is supported by the granular layer cells that contain taurine.
Taurine is a potent osmoregulating active substance partially responsible for the stabilisation of the liquid balance in the skin. Keratinocytes of the skin regulate the osmotic pressure difference according to the changes in the environment (lack of water, heat, pollution, radiation etc. ) consuming taurine.
In modern cosmetology only the synthetic taurine is used - the one that can be produced by pharmaceutical companies without using the , animal origin substances.


  • The man weighing 70kg has approx. 70gr of taurine in the organism
  • Taurine restores the power of nerve cells so that the memory, attention and even the mood improve dramatically (anger, irritability disappear).
  • Taurine is necessary for the normal function of the retina. During the day retina looses the taurine, but accumulates it during the night. Loosing 50% of the taurine norm is an irreversible process that may lead to blindness. People that love to surf the internet at night should really reconsider!
  • Taurine is added to the infant milk formula for artificial feeding, because it is necessary for the normal development of the central nervous system and muscles of the child.
  • Taurine prevents the aggregation of the platelet thus reducing the risk of blood clots appearance.
  • Taurine helps to stabilise the blood sugar level during the diabetes mellitus.
  • Taurine enhances sperm activity.


In 2011 Cassiere used non-animal origin taurine to create its «FIRST ENERGY DRINK » for men's skin – Taurine Energizing care. Taurine included in the cosmetic products of the Taurine Energizing care, provides powerful antioxidant affect on cellular level, increases skin elasticity and firmness, fills the skin with vitality and energy.

Taurine Energizing care (at home):

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March, 2018

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