Advanced Moisture Complex
– a shock hydrating complex based on sugar and urea. Maintains water in the stratum corneum (urea) and deeper in the skin thanks to hydro-keeping power. Strengthens the lamellar strucre of epidermic lipids (sugar=trehalose) thus strengthening the barrier function of the skin.
– is a pan tropical genus, occurring in Asia, Africa, Madagascar, America and Australia, but mostly in the Old World tropics. They are usually small trees or shrubs with a short lifespan. The leaves are pinnately or bipinnately compound. The small flowers are in bundles, with stamens much longer then the petals. The generic name honors the Italian nobleman Filippo degli Albizzi, who introduced Albizia julibrissin to Europe in the mid-18th century. Some species are commonly known mimosa. Albizia extract protects fibroblasts from premature ageing; keeps collagen and elastin quality (action to prevent glycation); reduces accumulation of toxins in the cells (stops glycation); helps cells to produce their own energy; protects micro vascular network.
Almond extract
– provides the necessary protection, and also normalises the work of the sebaceous glands. In addition, it intensively fights against premature aging of the epidermis. After its application, the color and tone of the skin improve. This is an excellent emollient and tonic, which instantly returns the skin velvety and nourishes it.
Almond oil
– contains vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant and slows down the aging process of cells, and also eliminates inflammatory processes on the skin. Perfectly nourishes the skin, moisturises, softens, smooths fine wrinkles. It has calming and regenerating properties.
Apple fruit extract
– natural antioxidant derived from the apple peel. It is rich in flavonoids and polyphenols. Provides triple protection against skin ageing and neutralises free radicals.More
Biomimetic Phospholipid
– Complete and innovative hydra-restructuring agent of the new century. Very recent scientific data have demonstrated the key role in the differentiation of the keratinocyte and the maturation of the epidermis.
It stimulates the most important elements of dermis and epidermis synthesis (filaggrin, involucrin, loricrin), that are indispensable to the establishment of the kin's barrier function and to the homeostasis of hydration. Phospholipids are invaluable components of intercellular cement and strengthens the skin's barrier functions.
Blue ageratum leaf extract
– traditionally used for its soothing and analgesic properties. Due to a high content of polyphenols and flavonoids it is particularly suited to the treatment of assaulted or weakened skin by acting on the modulation of the release of inflammation mediators. Reducing the release of PGE2, histamine and free radicals, limits the emission of inflammatory messengers to reduce stinging and redness.
BMI (Body Mass Index)
– body mass index is a value showing correlation between persons weight and height. It is widely used to identify whether individuals are underweight, overweight or obese. Please pay attention to that BMI does not measure the percentage of body fat or body muscle, for example: if a person has a lot of muscle mass and almost no fat, his BMI can be the same as of an obese person with a lot of fat and no muscle mass in his body. BMI can not be used for pregnant or nursing women.More
– A small fireproof tropic tree that grows in the equatorial forests of Brasil. The bark of Candeia contains 95% of alfa-bisabolol, Candeia oil has soothing and anti-inflammation effect which is necessary for treating fragile and sensitive dry skin. It also contains flavanoids, fenol acids and cumarines, which have healing and antiseptic effect, and improve periferic microcirculation. Trials showed that these components fight free radicals effectively, especially in inflammatory reactions.
– new and one of the most effective and safest procedures in contemporary aesthetic medicine. It is based on a subcutaneous injection of the medical carbon dioxide (CO2) and is the biggest breakthrough in the beauty industry since the Botox.More
– one of the modern excess fatty layers elimination method using low frequency ultrasound (cavitas, lat.- emptiness, bubbles). Cavitation is a formation of vapor bubbles of a flowing liquid filled with steam, gas etc. The bubbles grow in size and subsequently burst. More
Chilean wild mint extract
Boldo - has been chosen for its purifying properties, known to be efficient in eliminating the problems of the oily skin. Boldo extract - an active ingredient that promotes self-cleansing: it activates the skin's natural anti-bacterial system, preventing inflammation caused by skin problems. Its action is based on the activation of the Beta-Defensin. The beta-defensins are antimicrobial peptides implicated in the resistance of epithelial surfaces to microbial colonization.
Chiroplastic massage
– a unique massage technique, a new trend in the beauty industry. At the very concept of "сhiroplastie" lies the concept of creating the desired body (and face) shape.More
Complex [W.]™+
– The active ingredients complex that provides immediate and intensive brightening effect on pigmentation. It is a combination of Azeloglycine, Vitamin PP and Vectorised & Stabilised Vitamin C. Its synergy optimises cell renewal process, reduces melanin transfer towards keratinocytes, regulates melanin synthesis as well as balances light scattering/reflection for a radiant complexion.More
Complex H2CR®
– Exclusive patented complex born from the latest technology discoveries in the fields of genomes and antioxydising in R&D labs of SOTHYS - it is a combination of natural messenger peptides and strong antioxidants that ensure the ability of the cell to identify, eliminate and replace damaged cell's DNA factors thus facilitating its healthy functioning and slowing down its aging. More
Complex of AHA superfruits
– a unique combination to combat premature skin ageing with triple properties: moisturising, exfoliating and anti-ageing. The complex consists of: More
Cornflower extract from Auriac
– this cornflower utilised in the new eye contour care as a key ingredient has been grown in Sothys Auriac gardens, Corrèze – France. Natural, organic and extracted from flowers certified by ECOCERT. After being harvested, the flowers are dried, then the cornflower extract is taken from the flowers and integrated as an active agent into the formula. Has the ability to return the sparkle and radiance to the eyes, eliminates signs of fatigue, puffiness and redness. has an anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating, toning, bio-stimulating and regenerating effect on the skin. Regulates sebaceous glands' secretion, causing a reduction of pores.
– the products that claim immediate and visible results with a high concentration of active substances, and "working" at the frontier between COSMEtics and pharmaCEUTICS. COSMECEUTICAL products are active cosmetics and are often alternative or complementary solution to plastic surgery. More
Derma cosmetics
– cosmetic products that differ with their increased concentration of efficient ingredients and that are similar with their effect and formulation to those of medical.
Diamond powder
– diamond a mineral stone, composed of carbon and The natural DIAMOND is formed in extreme conditions of temperature and pressure – between 1100 to 1400°C and 4,5 to 6 Gpa – this is equivalent to a depth of 150 to 1000 km in the Earth mantle. This is the hardest natural material (as its hardness is scored 10/10 on the Mohs’ scale). The diamond powder, because of its abrasive properties, brightens the skin, does not clog the pores, absorbs sebum without stripping its natural radiance. As it highly reflect the light, diamond particles fill the wrinkles to decrease the depth of the wrinkles and visibly blur the lines. Provides UV rays protection, slows down the ageing processes and stimulates cells, increasing their life cycles. Ideal for senstivei and problematic skins.
Diatomeous earth
– (marine mud), 50% consist of diatom shells, ancient unicellular marine organisms, as well as remains of various species of algae. Its chemical composition is very diverse: silicon, calcium, magnesium, iron, and water-soluble vitamins. Improves cellular metabolism and increases the transmission of nerve impulses. Participates in many enzymatic processes as a co-enzyme. Has lifting effect.
– epidermal growth factor. Consists of three components:
  • matrikines, synthetic peptides - a cellular messenger that stimulates production of collagen and hyaluronic acid;
  • locust bean extract, stimulates cell growth factors and extends the lifespan of cells;
  • myrtle extract, contains natural essential oils with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Improves cell renewal process, slows down the destruction of collagen and stimulates cell metabolism.
Extract Boletus 1055
– after years of Advanced research in the field of genomics (study of genes), in the SOTHYS R&D laboratory a unique active ingredient has been created. An exclusive patented ingredient, included in INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) by SOTHYS. More
Free high MW hyaluronic acid
– sodium hyaluronate of biotechnological origin (bacterial fermentation of wheat substrate) with high molecular weight (1000-1400 KDa). Creates a reservoir of moist on the surface of the skin for immediate hydration. The film it creates protects the skin from external aggressions that may harm the lipid barrier of the epidermis.
– treatment of extracts of plant parts that are in the embryonic stages of development (young buds, shoots and the inner surface of young roots and stems) when they contain the full force of the future plant and is particularly rich in nucleic acids (genetic information), the growth of phytohormones, vitamins, trace elements and minerals.
Hyaluronic acid (Low Molecular Weight)
– 5-10KDa) – Supports the survival and longevity of epidermis stem (germ) cells, stimulates expression of genes active in biosynthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen I, stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts and keratinocytes, improves bio mechanical and hygroscopic abilities of the skin, restores the skin moist reserve.
Immediate ultra-hydrating complex
– By combining ingredients that each act on different hydration category, the immediate ultra-hydrating complex provides immediate and long-term hydration. It acts like a "super NMF" (Natural Moisturising Factor) More
Java tea extract
Orthosiphon extract - known primarily as diuretic, has antioxidant, bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory properties. It allows to limit the overproduction of sebum and improve skin's texture, transforming excess shine into radiant complexion! Java tea extract acts as an inhibitor of the the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase type1. This enzyme regulates the production of sebum and is the only one that allows to deactivate "cosmetically" the production of sebum, affecting the hormones.
Laminaria ochroleuca extract
brown algae extract - contains largely minerals and amino acids, has a powerful moisturising effect, eliminates irritation and protects against the UV-rays (neutralising the negative impact of sunlight on the skin), protects cell membranes from photo-damage, improves the barrier function of the skin, normalises lipid balance and prevents age-related changes.
Lemon essential oil
– known for its antiseptic, antibacterial, disinfectant and brightening properties. Helps organism to fight infections and strengthens the immune system. Slows down skin ageing and prevents the appearance of wrinkles, since it is capable to slow down the action of elastase enzyme that splits elastine and collagen tissues causing the loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin. Dilates and cleanses the pores, normalises sebum secretion. Daily use of the oil helps to eliminate blackheads, dead skin areas, provides healthy complexion and improves elasticity.
– litchi fruit extract is rich in flavonoids, saponines and anthocyanins. It is a natural antioxidant. Protects daily from the stress of oxydation and protects from photo-ageing, reducing negative effects of UV rays on cells metabolism. Reinforces natural defenses of the skin. Litchi shell extract has a moisturising effect on the upper layer of the epidermis: enhances immediate hydration and maintains hydration throughout the day.
(masser fr. — to rub) — is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being. Therapeutic massage can ease tension and reduce pain. Massage can be a part of physical therapy or practiced on its own. It can also be highly effective for reducing the symptoms of arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other disorders of the muscles and/or nervous system. (source:
– structures that surfactants form when they reach a certain concentration in water. They resemble the ice-cream cones and agglomerate into a shape with all the tips pointing inwards.
– natural moisturising factor - natural elements and molecules capable of attracting and retaining moisture, ensure resilience and strength of stratum corneum of the skin.
NMF components used in SOTHYS products are natural amino acid derived from glycine (trimethyl glycine) and urea (hydroxyethyl urea).
Glycin - highly hygroscopic amino acid, ensures continuous conservation of moisture in all layers of the skin.
Hydroxyethyl urea - hydrolysed urea derivative, softens and moisturises the skin, cleanses the pores.
Nutri-omega 3.6.9
– this complex consists of ceramides of biotechnological origin, Echin plants of the family Boraginaceae, free fatty acids and cholesterol. The complex is easily absorbed, incorporated into the upper layers of the epidermis, reconstructs thinned, loose inter cellular cement. Restores barrier and protective functions of the skin, prevents moisture loss and protects the skin from external aggression.
Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega-9 acids are the building blocks of all structures of the dermis, nourish deeper layers of the skin, moisturise, enclose and smooth the surface of the skin. Activate the processes of skin renewal, provide it with elasticity and firmness, prevent premature aging and other poor quality processes. High content of vitamins F, A, K and B group, give Nutri-omega complex of powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Ophiopogon Extract
– Extract of the Phiopogon tuber, which is rich in fructosans. Ophiopogon is an Asian plant that withstands drought thanks to its water-trapping mucilage tubers. Ophiopogon extract induces formation of tight junctions (TJs) and significantly increases the skin's NMF levels. In particular, the concentration of lactate is increased by 41% and that of serin (amino acid) by 20%.
Patch of high MW hyaluronic acid
– conjoint hyaluronic acid creates a reservoir of moist on the skin surface and forms a protective film to provide instantaneous and long-term hydration. More
Pear extract
– enriched with vitamins and organic acids, it restores skin tone, helps reduce pores, improves metabolic processes, normalises sebaceous glands. Has a deep nourishing, moisturizing and softening effect, returning the skin captivating smoothness, firmness, elasticity and fresh healthy color.
Prunus armeniaca (Apricot) fruit water
– as well as the fruit extract, contains valuable saturates vegetable oils rich in oleic and linoleic acids, Vitamins А, В, С and F, minerals, сpotassium and magnesium salts. It has an anti-inflammatory, regenerating, toning and rejuvenating affect, smoothes out the wrinkles, promotes skin’s resilience due to the activation of the cell structures (fibroblasts, macrophage) that synthesise collagen and elastin, eliminate inflammations.
Prunus persica (Peach) fruit extract
– contains carotenoids (lycopene, cryptoxanthin), essential oils, saturated vegetable oils, phytosterols, Vitamins А, B2, С, PP and minerals: potassium, silicon, sodium. Restores elasticity, rejuvenates and gives freshness to the maturing skin and skin with reduced tonicity.
Pyrus communis (Pear) fruit extract
– contains many important chemical compounds (arbutin, isoquercetin, astragalin, flavonoids, polyphenols) and minerals. It possesses conditioning and anti-inflammatory properties. Pear fruit extract is a strong antioxidant, hydrates and softens the skin, promotes sensetive and damaged skin regeneration, provides beautiful and healthy complexion.
Rhyolite grains
– (Pumice), a mineral. Volcanic lava derivative of low density, rich in silicium (71 %). It is a strong abrasive, non-corrosive material that perfectly cleanses the skin, stimulates micro circulation and lymphatic outflow. This mineral is ideal to boost regeneration processes. Does not damage the hydro lipid film.
Rubus Fruticosus
– (Blackberry) fruit extract – rich in organic acids, glucose, vitamins B, C, A, E, flavonoids, potassium salts, copper, manganese, phosphorus, iron and other most valuable substances. In dermatology and cosmetology blackberry extract is usually used to eliminate irritation, inflammation and swelling of the skin. It removes dead cells and skin's natural radiance. Blackberry extract is considered as one of the most powerful antioxidants.
Shea butter
– vegetable oil extract from the fruit seed of the Central African plant: Karité or Shea. The oil contains fatty acids (40-45 %), biological precursors of hormones (phytosterols) and vitamins, nonsaponifying lipids. Shea butter protects the skin from the environmental aggressions, activates healing processes, decreases skin’s dryness, softens and nourishes it, slows down the ageing processes.
Soy Phospholipids
– A special fraction of phospholipids derived from soy, these soy phospholipids help reinforce the cellular membranes, notably those of immunocomponent cells (which defend the body).
SPA™ Thermal water
– Marie-Henriette (Belgium) natural mineral spring water from a protected environment contains less sodium (water with the high level of salt is bad for kidneys and may cause hypertension), regulates various physiological mechanisms of the skin, contributes to hydroelectric balance in the body, slows down the connecting tissues ageing, rebuilding them, and forms a silicate film on the surface of the skin. More
– a patented vectorised caffeine formula containing 45% of pure caffeine reduces fatty deposits, softens and hydrates the dermis. Caffeine inhibits phosphodiesterases thus activating lipolysis. Such vedctorised formula allows caffeine to penetrate lipid rich environment of the stratum corneum then diffuse through the epidermis, derma and hypodermis. Caffeine is capable to rapidly penetrate the adipocytes.
– A flour used in cooking, taken from the roots of the bitter cassava plant (inedible before treatment>, which are dried and then treated. It has a neutral flavor. The word "tapioca", borrowed from Portuguese, comes from "tupi" and "guarani" (Brazilian Indian languages) and means dried residue.
This powdered material is composed mainly of amylose, which contains 70% sugars. It is an "energy source" for the skin cells. Stabilises the elastin fibers and phibronectine yarns, restores skin turgor. In the Hydra-Exfoliating scrub of the Hydradvance™ treatment acts like a gentle (mechanical) exfoliant and has softening properties.
– („hot scissors”) – hairdressing scissors with blades, that are warming up during haircut. The thermocsissors kind of „solder” the tip of every hair. Such „conservation” process leaves all the moisture and valuable substances inside the hair. „Warm haircut” is recommended for damaged hair with split tips. After the procedure you can style them perfectly, keeping the arranging for a long time. Using thermoscissors regularly fastens up hair growth and improves their quality. It is also very good to use thermoscissors on damaged hair tips after dyeing or making perm.
Tight Junctions
– The cells are held together by different types of junctions.
Junctions play multiple roles, both in terms of sealing qualities and in terms of the transmission of chemical messages. There are three main types of cellular junctions: More
– Synthetic tripeptide (Tetradecyl aminocarbonyl-Dab-Val-DabMore
Ulva lactuca
– is green algae, growing on the hills and rocks in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and is picked up only during the ebb. This alga is rich in polysaccharides and amino acids that stimulate lipase – an enzyme needed for disintegration of neutral fats – triglycerides. These amino acids, that are 60% similar to the amino acids of human collagen, have restorative effect on the vessels, help to enrich body tissues with oxygen, diminish unwanted fat deposits and fight against cellulite. Ulva lactuca is rich in vitamin B and iron that strengthen and protect organ tissues, improve micro circulation. Ulva lactuca extract with high content of proteins and amino acids eases cell oxygen saturation, improves elasticity and flexibility of the skin.
Vitis vinifera (Grape) fruit extract
– contains oligomeric proanthocyanidin (ОРС) and is one of the most known powerfull antioxidants (20 times more then Vitamin C and 50 times more then Vitamin E). It also contains polyphenols that help to combat free radicals and possesses the properties to narrow and restore the vessels. It has an anti-inflammatory, regenerating, toning, rejuvenating effects, smooths out the wrinkles. It activates the cells structures (fibroblasts, macrophages) that synthesise collagen and elastin thus restores skin's elasticity. This extract is especially effective for tired, sagging skin as it increases it's elasticity and firmness, protects the skin from overexposure to the sun.
VMA™ (Vegetal Moisturizing Activator™)
Exclusive complex - moisturising complex derived from three plants (cherry trees, angelica and hawthorn) combined with glycerin obtained from plants. VMA™ reinforces the barrier function of the skin by maintaining hydration of the stratum corneum and protecting the epidermis from outside aggressions. It thus enables the epidermis to play its role of "moisturising cloak".
Volcanic rock
– (Olivine) or Peridot. The main mineral that makes up most of the Earth's mantle.This is the first component to crystallise after a volcanic erruption. Olivine is present everywhere in the world, and even on the moon and Mars. Liquidised stone lava extract is obtained with modern biotechnology and rich in magnesium. It increases the energy potential of the skin cells, stimulating the synthesis of and increases skin's resistance to any type of aggression (reduces the inhibitory effects of many toxins).
White pearl extract
– rich in essential amino acids. Pearls contain 92% of calcium salts , 6% - conchiolin protein, and 2% of trace elements and vitamins. Pearl proteins are an excellent building material for all skin cells! It has antioxidant properties, provides the skin with natural UV protection, regulates the pH level, stimulates reparative ability of the cells and metabolic processes. In total - 22 amino acids, including methionine, aspartic, glutamic acid, glycine, alanine and 18 trace elements and vitamins B and D. The set of active ingredients smoothes out wrinkles, improvs complexion, eliminates pigmentation and inflammation, lifts and moisturises the skin.