Hair care

Hair-wave and straightening


Waving (up to 120 min) starting at 30.00 €link to the service

Achieve modern, subtle and natural looking waves, curls and volume. Can be done full-head or for selected areas.
Permanent Straightening

Permanent Straightening (up to 120 min) starting at 110.00 - 300.00 €link to the service

Ceramide L'Oreal is a new service for silky-smooth straight hair. Relaxes curls and manages waves to create long-lasting straight, sleek hair.

Hair style creation
Hair colouring
Hair-wave and straightening
Revitalisation and treatment of the scalp

February, 2017

50 min.
88.00 €
65.00 €
60 min.
50.00 €
42.00 €
75 min.
65.00 €
55.00 €
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