Swelling reducing treatments

Laser dermodynamic treatment

Laser dermodynamic treatment (up to 40 min) starting at 38.00 €*link to the service

A powerful treatment eliminates puffiness and fluid retention in the tissues with laser cryo lymphatic drainage. An indispensable revival method after liposuction, with vein sclerosis or for the oedematous form of cellulite.

*Price per treatment is lower if a course of treatments is purchased!

DEKA laser headpieces with rhythmic aspiration massage and cooling of the skin surface are used. Due to the deep laser stimulation the arteriovenous and lymphatic circulations are activated. Simultaneous massage of the derma with rhythmic aspiration perfectly drains the tissues, providing their mobilisation and eliminating most severe swelling. Local cooling down to 20°C acting together with the laser, provides skin and vessels fitness as well as restores its density. Such triple action allows eradicating expressed and latent forms of oedema, oedematous form of cellulite, ensures effective tissue regeneration after liposuction!

6 laser dermodynamic treatments 184.00 EUR
10 laser dermodynamic treatments 298.00 EUR
Maintaining treatment after the course of treatments 31.00 EUR


Carboxytherapy (45 min) 81.00 €*link to the service

Effective elimination of the limbs’ swelling with carbon dioxide medical gas injection.

* Price per treatment is lower when the course of treatments is purchased!

With the help of special CDT Evolution device and a thin needle the sterile medical carbon dioxide is injected subcutaneously along the main vessels. The gas starts acting immediately. It causes instantly the vasodilatation and sharp increase in blood circulation, thus boosting the blood flow to the places of the introduction of the carbon dioxide. As a result of the activated microcirculation there is augmented oxygen and nutrients supply to the treated area causing vessel walls muscles strengthening and eliminating the stagnant fluids. Strong activation of blood circulation caused by the injected medical carbon dioxide stimulates the process of angiogenesis – “budding” of new vessels and provides a constant feeling of “light legs”.

During the treatment one may feel light pulsation and pressure. Slight discomfort, sensation of skin stretching during the gas injection last only 2-4 minutes. Carbon dioxide is 20 times more soluble than oxygen. It spreads into the nearest tissues of the injection area and washes out from the organism easily and quickly. After the introduction of the gas into the organism it will be absorbed within 5 minutes. Little swell and redness will appear meaning the beginning of the recovery process. To achieve optimal results the course of treatments is necessary. Its duration and intensity states the specialist after the thorough diagnosis.


8 Carboxytgherapies 484.00 EUR
Post-course maintaining treatment 70.00 EUR

Additional to any Carboxytherapy:

1 Carboxytherapy for the hands +14.00 EUR


VIBRANCE BODY (40 min) 38.00 €link to the service

Elimination of localised fat deposits, edema and sagging using the bioelectrostimulation of Vibrance device.
Before the procedure a specialist selects active setum that penetrates and act on deeper skin levels under the influence of bio-electrostimulation. During the procedure micro circulation is activated and lymph fluid in- and outflow is increased. The cell membranes are «opened» and the active serum ingredients activate the process of lipolyses and/or collagen synthesis. Powerfull mio-stimulation effect enhances muscles and subcutaneous tissues tonicity, neccessary for «slacking» muscles and sagging skin. This procedure can easily be compared to a targeted fitness training. Particularly visible results can be achieved in combination with other treatments: carboxytherapy, endermology, detoxification.

6 Vibrance body procedures 184.00 EUR
10 Vibrance body procedures 298.00 EUR
Maintaining procedure
after the course of procedures
31.00 EUR

Active serum for a course of procedures,
individually adapted depending on skin condition
31.00 EUR

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (starting at 30 min) starting at 28.00 €*link to the service

Massage improves body metabolism and reduces swelling.

*Price per treatment is lower when a course of treatments is purchased!

Manual lymphatic drainage massage can stimulate the opening of the initial lymphatic and increase the lymph flow volume by almost 20 times. The lymph system greatly influences the health of the body therefore the correct massage can improve overall physical condition. Lymphatic drainage massage removes tissue stagnation, edemas, improves tissue nutrition, restores the immune system, helps to eliminate cellulite and reduce body weight. This massage is an irreplaceable practice in body weight reduction and shape correction programs.
In order to reach the best results, a treatment course of 10-12 sessions is recommended.

1 session of 30-minute massage 28.00 EUR
5 sessions of 30-minute massages 125.00 EUR
10 sessions of 30-minute massages 242.00 EUR
1 session of 45-minute massage 33.00 EUR
5 sessions of 45-minute massages 140.00 EUR
10 sessions of 45-minute massages 272.00 EUR
Flying Steps Sothys

Flying Steps Sothys (30min - 50min) 28.00-40.00 €*link to the service

Drainage treatment with icy-effect bandaging to eliminate legs’ swelling and fatigue.

*Price per treatment is lower if a course of treatments is purchased!

Constant stress and load on the legs make them out on a limb and statistically every 9 out of 10 women suffer from legs swelling provoked by various factors.
The treatment begins with a gentle full body salt peeling. Salts from different parts of the world (Himalayas, Dead sea, France) complement each other, enriching the skin with micro and macro elements. Three-salt solution softly exfoliates the epidermis, disposes of toxins, restores and balances the water-salt metabolism, promotes cells regeneration increasing their elasticity and turgor, relaxes muscle tissues, improves blood and lymph circulation, helps with joint pains.
After the peeling the legs throughout their length are bandaged with soft elastic bandages soaked in special lotion with arnica and camphor extracts, and menthol. This magical composition stimulates blood circulation activating microcirculation, improves vascular system trophism positively influencing the metabolism and removes toxins.
Atop the bandages a lymph draining massage is carried out to ameliorate the elimination of stagnant fluids and swelling, and to provide the sensation of lightness and comfort.

The goal – to eliminate the heaviness in the legs; to regain harmony and flying pace after just one treatment!

4 Flying Steps – 50 min treatments140.00 EUR
4 Flying Steps – 30 min treatments92.00 EUR

Perfect Legs Draining Treatment Bernard Cassière

Perfect Legs Draining Treatment Bernard Cassière (75 min) 48.00 €link to the service

An innovative treatment to ensure unprecedented lightness and youth of the legs! Say no to tiredness, puffiness and heaviness!
The treatment is based on a new effective draining concept consisting of Japanese wasabi root and ginger extracts complex, and specially devised massage techniques. The body peeling, followed by the unique draining massage, devised by the BERNARD CASSIÈRE specialists, with the special fluid to reduce puffiness, stimulate blood circulation and eliminate toxins. At the end of the treatment the specialist applies bandages bathed in chilling lotion with menthol, essential oils and sea salt. It removes the feeling of tired legs and ensuring the sense of comfort and beautiful legs!

Recommended: 10 treatments once per week for stronger visible results. Maintenance: 1-2 times per month. Not recommended for pregnant women, people with inflammatory processes, cardiac and oncology pathologies.
Cryo Minceur S.Mahler

Cryo Minceur S.Mahler (60 min) 43.00 €link to the service

This efficient treatment is created to eliminate swelling, reduce early sings of cellulite, and restore skin elasticity.
Cryo Minceur consists of several steps: lymphatic draining massage with a shaping cream based on spirulina and grapefruit extracts; lower body bandaging with a cooling solution based on arnica, pine buds, menthol and camphor extracts. This treatment activates micro circulation and improves natural draining processes thus helping to eliminate excess fluid, reduce weight and creating a beautiful silhouette. The procedure is recommended for the correction of early stages of edematous cellulite; prevention of varicose veins formation; skin elasticity improvement due to weight fluctuations; postpartum recovery; body detoxification and excess fluid withdrawal from interstitial tissues space.
This treatment is intended for the lower body part.

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Body skin purification and detoxification
Swelling reducing treatments
Undesirbale fatty deposit, cellulite and excess weight
Loose skin and stretch marks
Visible blood vessels, abnormal pegmentation, moles, warts, skin rashes, papillomas
Treating of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
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