Visible blood vessels, abnormal pegmentation, moles, warts, skin rashes, papillomas

Dermatologist Consultation

Dermatologist Consultation (40 min) 30.00 €link to the service

Includes professional assessment of the skin, nails and hair condition; determination of any dysfunction or skin diseases. The best possible treatment is also recommended.
During the consultation the skin is examined and cause of unsatisfactory skin/nails condition is determined. The therapist suggests necessary treatments for face and body as well as provides recommendations for face and body care products. Additional laboratory tests may be required by dermatologist upon the necessity. (starting at 5.00 EUR)

Biopsy and scraping collection as well as any other examination element from 5.00€
Dermascopy (up to 30 min)
Non-invasive skin examination using surface microscopy to evaluate pigmented skin lesions.
from 20.00€
Examination with the Wood lamp 5.00€
PLEXR elimination of skin imperfections

PLEXR elimination of skin imperfections (up to 30 min ) starting at 25.00 €link to the service

Correction of depth of scars, elimination of dyschromia, removal of any colour tattoo.
The Plexr represents the latest generation high performance instrument with which all Non Ablasive surgery can be performed. Produced by Italian company GMV for Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Doctors.
This instrument to eliminate skin imperfections uses the forth state of matter: the PLASMA.

Ionization of gasses contained in the air in the gap between the tip of Plexr working headpiece and the skin surface creates a plasmic arc similar to the little lightening. This arc transforms the structure of the skin, eliminating its imperfections and without transmission of heat to other healthy tissues. As a result, the superficial layer coarsens thus protecting the treated area from any infection and aids the traceless healing without damaging the pigmentation (dyschromia) or lowering the skin level.
Anesthesiastarting at 9.00 EUR
Laser Blood Vessel Removal

Laser Blood Vessel Removal (up to 30 min) starting at 20.00 €*link to the service

An efficient procedure of vascular pathology elimination.

* Price is calculated depending on the size of a treated area.

This procedure is performed with a neodymium Smart VS laser (Nd:Yag). Unlike any other previous generation multifunction lasers, neodymium laser is designed to only treat vascular pathologies. The functioning of this laser is based on "selective photothermolysis" phenomenon where damaged blood vessels undergo a selective light exposure.
The emitted light energy is converted into a heat in order to coagulate the proteins in the vessel wall, thus bonding the vessel walls together. Later on the treated blood vessel is overgrown by a connective tissue and the skin gets its natural color. The uniqueness of this method underlies the ability of the laser to target only the damaged vessels without causing skin injuries, pigmentation or skin heating. The procedure does not foresee any rehabilitation period and a visible effect can be seen after the first treatment.
Fractional Photothermolysis

Fractional Photothermolysis (up to 60 min) starting at 40.00 €link to the service

A new unique method of skin structure restoration; elimination of pigmentation spots, scars, papillomas, and nevus by means of fractional photothermolysis. The procedure is done with DEKA SmartXide DOT laser.
The method is based on laser beam exposure to the certain areas of the skin. Skin reaction to the procedure - is a signal to a natural skin renewal and rejuvenation processes with duration of 2 to 3 months. Skin imperfections are eliminated, however there could be a tiny mark left on the treated area. This treatment is short, safe and does not require long rehabilitation period.

Body esthetics specialist consultation
Relaxation and stress relief
Body skin purification and detoxification
Swelling reducing treatments
Undesirbale fatty deposit, cellulite and excess weight
Loose skin and stretch marks
Visible blood vessels, abnormal pegmentation, moles, warts, skin rashes, papillomas
Treating of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
Undesirable body hair

January, 2018

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