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Perfect Shape Treatment SOTHYS

Perfect Shape Treatment SOTHYS (45 min) link to the service

Result-oriented programme to restore impeccable facial contours and neck and décolleté skin’s elasticity and firmness.
Consisting of unique serum, intensive massage and triple mask this professional treatment, from the cheekbones to the bust, has been specially designed for those who care about the tone in their face, neck and décolleté .

After the superficial cleansing and exfoliation, special energetic massage with PERFECT SHAPE YOUTH SERUM is performed on a lower third of the face, neck and décolleté specifically targeting second chin and facial contours.
Afterwards, a Smoothing mask with nut sedge grass and oats extracts helps strengthen the dermis, smooth the skin and wrinkles. Second Firming mask with Shiitake extract and Almond protein bio-fibres contributes to fighting against the degradation of collagen fibres, prevents premature ageing and has a lifting/tensor effect. Cellulose Pre-cut mask, similar to bandaging, strengthens the effect of the two previous masks and creates an additional lifting of the lower face and neck.
The treatment finishes with an application of a PERFECT SHAPE YOUTH SERUM, specifically designed to eliminate fatty deposits in the area of second chin and chin; and to restore elasticity and firmness in the sagging areas, creating a perfect V-Shape. Finally, an appropriate to the skin ageing level anti-ageing cream is applied.

Recommended intensive course – 3 treatments once a week.

Carboxytherapy (up to 45 min) link to the service

Effective elimination of double chin and perfection of facial contour.
With the help of special CDT Evolution device and a thin needle the sterile medical carbon dioxide is injected subcutaneously. The gas starts acting immediately. It causes instantly the vasodilatation and sharp increase in blood circulation, thus boosting the blood flow to the places of the introduction of the carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide causes the vasodilatation and increase of blood circulation in the subcutaneous tissues, thus the increased lipolysis – the process of fat cells breakdown; removed lymph stagnation in the tissue and improved toxins elimination. As a result – destruction of subcutaneous fat cells and decrease in the apparition of double chin. All these processes allow to successfully strengthen the facial contour, improve face, neck and décolleté skin texture, as well as brighten the dark circles and eliminate the puffiness. To achieve sustainable results the course of 6 treatments is recommended. For better end result can be combined with the radio frequencies lifting and ultrasound cavitation.
OvalControl S.Mahler

OvalControl S.Mahler (75 min) link to the service

A unique treatment targeted to decrease the second chin and provide a strong contour of the face using unique combination of technologies on the new Simone Mahler Actilift 3S device.

*Price per treatment is lower when the course of treatments is purchased!

At the basis of the second chin reduction and facial contouring treatment lies cavitation – a unique method of local fat deposits splitting using ultrasound combined with radio frequencies and modelling serum. The serum contains soy phytoestrogens, rye and orange extracts, and caffeine concentrate.
The cavitation effect is strengthened by the radio frequencies and lypo-draining massage. The following peel-off modelling mask with the extracts of mullberry, grape juice and Vitamin C improves the turgor and tonicity of the skin, strengthening the facial contour and smoothing the skin’s micro relief.
To achieve sustainable results a course of 6-10 treatments is recommended.
LiftMassage® treatment with Lift6®

LiftMassage® treatment with Lift6® (40 min) link to the service

New technique for skin volume stimulation, tonicity regeneration, distinct contour formation with chin lifting effect
LIFT6® LiftMassage® technique guarantees a visible face and neck skin lift due to a specially designed headpiece holds the fold of the skin between parallel plates and stimulates the skin and underlying tissues by vacuum pulsation, vibrations in a vertical, horizontal and free movement dimensions. A specially designed programme is accentuated in the area of the chin, is different in the implementation technique. It allows to notably improve the skin's tone, elasticity and turogor, to eliminate the tissues ptosis (sagging) and provide a clear contour. As a result of the course of treatments one acquires a well-groomed facial shape! <
Facial „sculpturing” treatment with the Laser system DEKA

Facial „sculpturing” treatment with the Laser system DEKA (up to 50 min) link to the service

Unprecedented rejuvenating treatment that allows to create a perfect facial contour without plastic surgery! This system guarantees an effective non-surgical face and neck skin lifting, eliminating the surplus of skin on cheeks and chin and smoothing out the face and neck wrinkles.

*Price per treatment is lower when the course of treatments is purchased!

During the treatment the specialist uses the headpieces with various energy sources (diode infrared laser and radiofrequencies) of the laser system DEKA along with modelling techniques consistently affecting all areas of face and neck.

At the beginning the specialist uses a laser headpiece with rhythmic aspiration massage and skin surface cooling. At this stage the arteriovenous and lymphatic microcirculation is activated due to the deep laser stimulation. At the same time, the fibroblasts (cells that produce elastin and collagen fibres) are stimulated. Simultaneously, the derma is massaged with rhythmic aspiration. It perfectly drains the tissues, mobilising them, and restores the resilience of the skin. Local cooling interacting with the laser eliminates even the heaviest puffiness and provides skin «fitness». Such triple activity allows to gain gorgeous tonus and elasticity, harmoniously prepare the skin for the next stage — facial contour remodelling with radiofrequencies.

At the second stage of the procedure the radiofrequency headpiece is used. Electromagnetic waves of certain frequency (radiofrequencies) penetrate the skin on deeper levels. The energy in the form of controlled heat causes the contraction of the collagen fibres extended over the lifetime, meaning it contracts the surface of the skin and ensures good connectivity of the tissues and hypoderm. Intense warm-up of the tissues and derma structure (accompanied with surface cooling) allows powerful stimulation of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis as well as restores the elasticity of the vessels.

Thanks to the unique combination of actions the natural facelift can be achieved, eliminating the surplus of skin in the areas of cheeks and chin and smoothing out the face and neck wrinkles.

The sculpturing treatment does not require anaesthesia. The steps of the treatment and combination of the impacts are customised on the individual basis according to the conditions and the needs of the client. The treatments can be carried out on a tanned skin and is beyond seasonality. To achieve stable long-lasting results the course of at least six treatments once a week is recommended. Nevertheless, the effect can be seen immediately and achieves its maximum and stabile results on the fourth month since the course started.


Mesotherapy (up to 60 min) link to the service

The procedure that disintegrates fat layers and restores chin skin resilience injecting medical solution into the skin.
Mesotherapy is a procedure where medication is injected into the mesoderm (under the first layer of the skin). To reduce the appearance of a double chin therapist uses individually selected homeopathic and allopathic solutions. The solutions are based on plant extracts, complex vitamins and lipolytic microelements that disintegrate fat molecules and have strong lifting effect. The injections are made with very thin and short needles, thus making the procedure virtually painless.

Biorevitalisation (up to 60 min) link to the service

A powerful method of hyaluronic acid injection that enhances the facial contour.
Biorevitalisation is a method of intradermal injections of hyaluronic acid.
Hyaluronic acid is an important natural skin component and with age its quantity diminishes causing skin to loose its firmness and to become dehydrated. Hyaluronic acid injections restore the deficit and help to produce one's own natural hyaluronic acid; facilitate synthesis of collagen and elastin. This procedure restores skin moisture, its tonus and elasticity.

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