Acne, comedones and other types of skin rashes

Dermatologist Consultation

Dermatologist Consultation (40 min) link to the service

Includes professional assessment of the skin, nails and hair condition; determination of any dysfunction or skin diseases. The best possible treatment is also recommended.
During the consultation the skin is examined and cause of unsatisfactory skin/nails condition is determined. The therapist suggests necessary treatments for face and body as well as provides recommendations for face and body care products. Additional laboratory tests may be required by dermatologist upon the necessity.
i-PRF Plasmalifting

i-PRF Plasmalifting (60 min) link to the service

PLEXR elimination of skin imperfections

PLEXR elimination of skin imperfections (up to 30min ) link to the service

Removal of stand-alone pigmentation spots, papillomas, warts, moles, verrucas, fibromas and miliums using plasma sublimation principle.
The Plexr represents the latest generation high performance instrument with which all Non Ablasive surgery can be performed. Produced by Italian company GMV for Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Doctors.
This instrument to eliminate skin imperfections uses the forth state of matter: the PLASMA.

Ionization of gasses contained in the air in the gap between the tip of Plexr working headpiece and the skin surface creates a plasmic arc similar to the little lightening. This arc transforms the structure of the skin, eliminating its imperfections and without transmission of heat to other healthy tissues. As a result, the superficial layer coarsens thus protecting the treated area from any infection and aids the traceless healing without damaging the pigmentation (dyschromia) or lowering the skin level.
SOTHYS Correcting Treatment

SOTHYS Correcting Treatment (75 min) link to the service

Multifunctional facial that reduces such problems as excessive sebum production, comedones, acne, and permanent oily skin shine.
An exfoliating lotion with kaolin, glycolic and salicylic acids gently removes any skin and pore impurities leaving the skin surface clean and smooth. Intensive purifying serum based on salicylic acid, tea tree oil and licorice extract normalises the activity of sebaceous glands, relieves inflammation and disinfects the skin. A nicely cooling mask gives an irritated skin an immediate feeling of comfort, makes it refreshed, bright and well toned. The treatment is completed by application of an active medical product based on the licorice extracts, essential oils of juniper, rosemary, lavender, sage, wild thyme, geranium and myrtle, which reduces the excessive sebum, facilitates active recovery, moisturises and protects the skin.
As a result, the skin looks refreshed and healthy!
S. Mahler Cleanodermie

S. Mahler Cleanodermie (75 min) link to the service

An intensive purification treatment of combined type and oily skin with acne problems comprised of ultrasound exfoliation, extraction of comedones and remedial mask application.
The treatment starts with a deep derma-cosmetic cleansing followed by a special massage under an infrared light. An ultrasonic ACTILFT® peeling is followed by a mechanical peeling that facilitates opening of the pores and accurate cleansing. A nourishing mask based on natural yeast, rice powder, and green clay and extract thistles completes the mechanical extraction of the comedones. The mask with an antibacterial effect regulates the sebum secretion, normalises the acid-alkaline balance of the skin and prevents acne formation. The treatment is completed by a therapeutic application of a cream with a cinnamon extract.

Carboxytherapy (up to 45 min) link to the service

Effective treatment of the skin with post-acne scars.
With the help of special CDT Evolution device and a thin needle the sterile medical carbon dioxide is injected subcutaneously. The gas starts acting immediately. It causes instantly the vasodilatation and sharp increase in blood circulation, thus boosting the blood flow to the places of the introduction of the carbon dioxide. The rough scarred tissues start to destruct, the micro circulation is boosted, new capillaries start to appear and new elastic collagen fibers are created. All these processes allow to align the rough skin texture with post-acne scarring. To achieve sustainable results the course of at least 4 treatments is recommended, preferably combined with facial peeling.

During the treatment one may feel light pulsation and pressure. Slight discomfort, sensation of skin stretching during the gas injection last only 2-4 minutes. Carbon dioxide is 20 times more soluble than oxygen. It spreads into the nearest tissues of the injection area and washes out from the organism easily and quickly. After the introduction of the gas into the organism it will be absorbed within 5 minutes. Little swell and redness will appear meaning the beginning of the recovery process.

Jet Peel ™

Jet Peel ™ (up to 45 min) link to the service

Jet Peel is a unique method of treating acne problems with two skin friendly components - a saline solution and oxygen!
The skin acne is easily treated with Jet Peel technology as it uses a jet stream with a supersonic mixture of a micronised saline solution and air or medical oxygen.
Jet Peel’s supersonic flow gently cleanses the skin, removes the top layer of epidermis and, by opening sebaceous glands, removes the cause of acne. Oxygen, as one of the active substances, facilitates a faster recovery of tissues, regulates the process of sebum secretion as well as has an antibacterial, antiseptic and detoxification actions, i.e. eliminating the inflammatory process and preventing its recurrence.
In severe cases of acne inflammation, virtually all other types of peelings are prohibited. Exclusive Jet Peel technology helps to eliminate post-acne spots and scars.
ENERPEEL® salicylic acid 30 %

ENERPEEL® salicylic acid 30 % (up to 45 min) link to the service

Superficial peeling to improve the condition of skin with acne and rashes.
Chemical peeling is a controlled removal of superficial skin layer using 30% salicylic acid.
Peeling, depending on the condition of the skin, can be superficial or medium. This process promotes rapid skin regeneration and cells renewal, allows to restore normal sebaceous excretions, smoothes out the skins roughness (post-acne), narrows the pores, makes post acne pigmentation less visible.
The course of treatments is developed individually.
IPL Therapy

IPL Therapy (up to 60 min) link to the service

Treatment of oily, problem skin with high-intensity light impulses, that results in improved condition and appearance of problem skin.

IPL is based on emitting high intensity pulses of light to penetrate the skin structure and eliminate various complaints. A pulse of light causes a chemical reaction that allows oxygen molecules to destroy bacteria and stop acne development. As a result, IPL Therapy reduces sebaceous glands activity, activates the synthesis process of collagen and elastic fibers that narrows the skin pores and removes post-acne pigmentation. DEKA Photosilk plus device is used during the treatment. This procedure is painless, does not traumatise the skin and requires no further rehabilitation.

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