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ALESSANDRO Gel-based nails modeling

ALESSANDRO Gel-based nails modeling (up to 120 min) 50.00 €link to the service

Nail sculpturing with gel-based "ALESSANDRO" products.
Specialised "ALESSANDRO" gel-based products are applied onto a prepared natural nail (the surface of the nail plate is not filed) and then fixated under a UV light. Then, a nail is modeled into a desired shape and coated with a finishing gloss. "ALESSANDRO" gel-based products promote the formation of healthier nails that are stronger and yet flexible. In addition, rich "ALESSANDRO" gel-based products' color palette eliminates the need for a nail varnish.

Gel-coating with "French manicure" 50.00 EUR
Single nail repair starting at 5.00 EUR
Preventive care starting at 35.00 - 40.00 EUR
Gel-coating removal starting at 20.00 EUR

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December, 2017

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