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MAVALA «Gold» manicure

MAVALA «Gold» manicure (up to 45 min) 15.00 €link to the service

European (not involving the cutting of the cuticles) revitalising manicure does not injure the skin and eliminates only dead cells guaranteeing well-groomed cuticle and healthy natural growth of the nails.
The treatment includes shaping and cleaning the nail plate, cuticle work with special products to eliminate dead cells and slow cuticle’s growth and indurations, and hand massage. Your therapist will choose most suitable products, depending on the condition of the nails and needs of the skin. Polishing not included.
Classical "Dry" Manicure

Classical "Dry" Manicure (up to 60 min) 13.50 €link to the service

Includes cuticle removal, nail shaping, hand massage and nail polish with transparent base coat.
Medical Apparatus Pedicure

Medical Apparatus Pedicure (up to 75 min) 37.00 €link to the service

Pleasant and comfortable procedure to maintain neat and healthy feet, nails, toes and skin.
Medical apparatus pedicure is carried out in an entirely dry environment that excludes any fungal infection transfer. Keratinised skin layers and cuticles are treated with special tools and nozzles that do not harm the skin surface. This procedure also includes special techniques to treat calluses, ingrown nails, and fissures as well as straighten the nail surface. A short foot massage is also included: it stimulates a vast amount of biologically active pressure points that increase overall body tone.

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February, 2018

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