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Propolis jelly

Propolis jelly (15 min) link to the service

Cleansing, purifying, soothing and healing treatment for oily scalp with or without dandruff.
The product's primary ingredient is propolis (10% - an antibacterial agent collected by bees), which helps to eliminate the microorganisms responsible for seborrhea and dandruff. It also contains a complex that regulates sebaceous gland secretion (1% - amino acids, burdock root, hamamelis, birch, oak and soya). Propolis Jelly is applied directly on the scalp prior to the hair wash. It eliminates excess sebum, dead cells, as well as disinfects and relieves itching and irritation (frequent symptoms of dandruff).
Recommended – once a week during one month. Maintenance - once a month.
Massage gel

Massage gel (15 min) link to the service

Refreshing deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation of oily scalps or scalps with dandruff.
It cleanses and prepares the scalp for further purifying treatments. The gel contains soothing, healing, and anti-bacterial agents that heal and leave your scalp feeling refreshed all day long. It is composed of ingredients that stimulate your scalp and enhance natural defense of our cells that help guard against external aggressions. Micro-spheres of jojoba esters and silica particles allow for gentle exfoliation while riding the scalp of impurities for the most healthy hair.
Recommended once a month. For scalps with dandruff or other excessive problem - twice a month.

Carboxytherapy (30 min) link to the service

Effective hair growth regeneration for male pattern hair loss.
With the help of special CDT Evolution device and a thin needle the sterile medical carbon dioxide is injected subcutaneously into the scalp. The gas starts acting immediately. It causes instantly the vasodilatation and sharp increase in blood circulation, thus boosting the blood flow to the places of the introduction of the carbon dioxide. As a result of the activated microcirculation there is augmented oxygen and nutrients supply to the treated area causing hair follicles’ cells renewal. Hair roots get more oxygen and required nourishment, damaged hair bulbs and active hair growth are restored; the hair structure improves. To achieve sustainable results the course of 8 treatments is recommended, preferably combined with mesotherapy and/or laser hair growth stimulation.

During the treatment one may feel light pulsation and pressure. Slight discomfort, sensation of skin stretching during the gas injection last only 2-4 minutes. Carbon dioxide is 20 times more soluble than oxygen. It spreads into the nearest tissues of the injection area and washes out from the organism easily and quickly. After the introduction of the gas into the organism it will be absorbed within 5 minutes. Little swell and redness will appear meaning the beginning of the recovery process.

Hair growth laser stimulation

Hair growth laser stimulation (up to 30 min) link to the service

An effective battle against hair loss of any structure.

During the procedure the specialist uses a laser system DEKA headpiece equipped with rhythmic aspiration massage, diode infrared laser and skin cooling. Three main energies acting together enhance the positive effects of each other.
The treatment starts with back and neck area massage to relieve muscle spasms – main reason of blood circulation disorder in the scalp. Following the rhythmic aspiration massage activates micro circulation. Infrared laser stimulates the hair follicles pipilla. The hair roots receive more oxygen and essential nutrients, damaged follicles are recovered, active hair growth process is restored and its texture is improved. For long-lasting results we recommend a course of at least 10 treatments, preferably combining them with mesotherapy.

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February, 2018

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