Loose skin and stretch marks


VIBRANCE BODY (40 min) 40.00 €link to the service

Elimination of localised fat deposits, edema and sagging using the bioelectrostimulation of Vibrance device.
Before the procedure a specialist selects active setum that penetrates and act on deeper skin levels under the influence of bio-electrostimulation. During the procedure micro circulation is activated and lymph fluid in- and outflow is increased. The cell membranes are «opened» and the active serum ingredients activate the process of lipolyses and/or collagen synthesis. Powerfull mio-stimulation effect enhances muscles and subcutaneous tissues tonicity, neccessary for «slacking» muscles and sagging skin. This procedure can easily be compared to a targeted fitness training. Particularly visible results can be achieved in combination with other treatments: carboxytherapy, endermology, detoxification.

6 Vibrance body procedures 200.00 €
10 Vibrance body procedures 310.00 €
Maintaining procedure
after the course of procedures
32.00 €

Body "sculpturing" treatment with the Laser system DEKA

Body "sculpturing" treatment with the Laser system DEKA (up to 80 min) link to the service

Unprecedented sculpturing effect of this treatment allows to form a perfect shape for your body without plastic surgery! The system guarantees an effective non-surgical body skin lifting with simultaneous lipolysis eliminating visible signs of cellulite and local fat deposits, liquidating flabbiness and saggy skin on inner thighs, arms and stomach.
During the procedure the specialist uses the headpieces with various energy sources (diode infrared laser, two types of ultrasound and radio frequencies) of the laser system DEKA along with modelling techniques consistently affecting the selected areas of the body.

Depending on the problem of a chosen area — cellulite and/or fat deposits, flabbiness and saggy skin, puffiness of the tissues, etc. - the headpieces (laser, high- or low-frequency ultrasound and radio frequencies) are used in different order. The specialist, just like a sculptor, determines the type, the sequence and the intensity of the impacts for each area, depending on the conditions, problems and desirable goals.

The laser headpiece with rhythmic aspiration massage and skin surface cooling due to the deep laser stimulation activates the arteriovenous and lymphatic circulation. At the same time the massage of the derma with rhythmic aspiration perfectly drains the skin, providing it mobilisation, eliminating even the heaviest puffiness. Local cooling acting together with the laser ensures the skin fitness, restores its resilience. Such a triple action allows the skin to gain amazing tonus and elasticity and harmoniously prepare the skin for the radio frequency lifting or to cleanse the tissues from the products of fat breakdown after the ultrasound cavitation.

Ultrasound headpiece carries a very deep massage of the tissues (up to 5cm deep). It successfully destroys the fibrous carcase of the adipose aggregations (cellulite knots) freeing the fatty cells. It breaks the wholeness of the fatty cell (with ultrasound cavitation) and as a result the cell empties and the products of fat breakdown are effectively removed from the tissues. Now, with such a powerful technology the local fat deposits and/or cellulite of any stage can be effectively eliminated on thighs, arms and stomach.

The radiofrequency headpiece's electromagnetic waves of certain frequency (radio frequencies) penetrate the skin on deeper levels. The energy in the form of controlled heat causes contraction of the collagen fibers extended over the lifetime, meaning it contracts the surface of the skin and ensures good connectivity of the tissues and hypoderm. Intense warm-up of the tissues and derma structure (accompanied with surface cooling) allows powerful stimulation of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis as well as restores the elasticity of the vessels. Exactly such an influence allows in short-term to eliminate the flabby skin of inner surface of the arms, thighs and stomach!

Thanks to this unique combination of various impacts the surplus of skin on inner areas of the arms can be eliminated successfully, form a beautiful waist (by liquidating the folds of fat on flanks), sculpture a perfectly shaped stomach, liquidate fat deposits and cellulite on the thighs and buns, lift the skin of the inner thighs with simultaneous lipolysis!

The sculpturing treatment does not require anaesthesia. The steps of the treatment and combination of the impacts are customised on the individual basis according to the conditions of the organism and the needs of the client. To achieve stable long-lasting results a course of at least six treatments once a week is recommended. Nevertheless, the effect is visible immediately improving continuously.

Sculpturing of one area up to 40 min

LPG Lipomassage™ by Endermologie®

LPG Lipomassage™ by Endermologie® (40 min) link to the service

Lipomassage™ picks up where diet and exercise leave off. Beautiful silhouette modeling with Endermologie® treats cellulite, eliminates local fatty deposits, forms body contours and tones flabby stretched skin. Each treatment is individually designed according to client's needs and desires.

The LPG® headpiece consists of vacuum section and two specially designed cylindrical rollers that rotate back and forth at different speeds and ensure deep massage of active tissues. The rollers move towards each other in horizontal plane depending on the strength of vacuum and create a «wave». The first roller grasps the skin fold and the second roller smooths it. The rollers are moving in 4 directions: forward, backwards, diagonally and sideways, as well as rotate towards each other or from each other in different directions.

The duration of the Lipomassage™ treatment is 40 minutes and an individual elastic body costume is essential. The whole body is massaged during the treatment, however the zones requiring firming, slimming and/or toning are given additional attention. Because of a special massage technique and individual approach it is possible to:

• reduce the amount of localised fatty deposits;
• eliminate any skin imperfections caused by cellulite;
• ensure buttocks and thighs lifting.

The benefits of Endermoloģijas® treatments:
Skin and Metabolism. Endermologie® treatment improves microcirculation, blood flow and increases lymphatic drainage as well as activates metabolism. The procedure boosts collagen and elastin production that restore skin structure thus eliminating skin laxity. This treatment may also relieve stress, strengthen immune system, and provide analgesic effect.
Fat deposits and cellulite. Endermologie® treatment accelerates the lipolysis process, empties and disintegrates fat cells and noticeably reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat. Due to the lymphatic draining effect edemas and fibrosis are also eliminated.
Muscles. Over the course of Endermologie® treatment, apart from destruction and disintegration of fatty tissues, there is also an active stimulation of the body muscles. Therefore, this is highly recommended procedure for people with sedentary lifestyles and "weak" muscles.
Fractional Photothermolysis

Fractional Photothermolysis (up to 60 min) link to the service

This latest innovation is aimed to renew the skin structure, eliminate saggy skin, even out the skin’s surface, smooth stretch marks and scars. The procedure is done with DEKA SmartXide DOT laser.
The method is based on laser beam exposure to the certain areas of the skin: during the procedure hundreds of the finest light laser beams penetrate the skin. The laser beams cause an array of invisible to the eye micro perforations to be generated in dermis and epidermis. However, at the same time the stratum corneum (outermost layer of epidermis) is not harmed and skin around perforations is not damaged. Regeneration mechanisms are initiated as well as rejuvenation processes in all skin layers. Skin reaction to the procedure- is a signal to a natural skin renewal process with duration of 2 to 3 months. After this treatment the elasticity and tightness of the skin is restored, saggy skin is eliminated, stretch marks and postoperative scars are smoothed. This treatment is short, safe and does not require anesthesia or long rehabilitation period.

Body esthetics specialist consultation
Relaxation and stress relief
Body skin purification and detoxification
Swelling reducing treatments
Undesirbale fatty deposit, cellulite and excess weight
Loose skin and stretch marks
Visible blood vessels, abnormal pegmentation, moles, warts, skin rashes, papillomas
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