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Micropigmentation (permanent makeup)

Micropigmentation (permanent makeup) (up to 120 min) link to the service

A correction procedure that allows you to enhance your features, correct asymmetry, shape and contour the eyebrows, lips and/or eye lids.
During the micropigmentation procedure a special dye (pigment) is embedded beneath the skin with a hand held device. The pigment is pushed into the desired location by the device that punctures the skin hundreds of times per minute with a very thin needle. Anesthetic cream is applied to the surface of the skin before the procedure to minimise the pain. The color of the pigment, shape and contour of the lips, eyes and eye lids are determined and discussed with a specialist prior to the procedure. Permanent makeup can last 3 to 5 years depending on the skin type.
Eye brows remodeling

Eye brows remodeling (up to 30 min) link to the service

Eyebrows reshaping and remodeling.
The attractiveness of a woman's face significantly depends on the color and shape of her eyebrows. A perfect eyebrow shape “lifts” the look of the eyes and hides the signs of fatigue. Eyebrows remodeling defines the shape of the brows and enhances facial features. An eyebrow shaping is done by a specialist either with tweezers, wax or sugar paste. The procedure is short and painless.
Eyelashes extension

Eyelashes extension (120 min) link to the service

Silk extensions for longer and voluptuous eyelashes.
To each separate eyelash a tin, natural-like silky eyelash is glued. Perfect solution for those with short and rare eyelashes.
Result: naturally looking eyelashes and expressive eyes!
Eyelash perm

Eyelash perm (up to 60 min) link to the service

After this gentle treatment even the shortest eyelashes will be visible longer, eyes – more open and the features more expressive. Now the mascara can be applied in a flash!
Yumi™ Lashes intensive eyelashes lift!

Yumi™ Lashes intensive eyelashes lift! (up to 60 min) link to the service

Eyelash enhancement with tint, keratin and vitamins for a guaranteed long lasting result: thicker eyelashes, visibly elevated upper eyelids and an "eyes wide open" effect.
Eyebrows and eyelashes coloring

Eyebrows and eyelashes coloring (up to 30 min) link to the service

Durable dye of eyebrows and eyelashes.
The procedure is performed by using professional coloring products that are applied to eyebrows and eyelashes. A suitable color is selected after a consultation with a specialist. Permanently colored eyelashes and eyebrows will look natural and will enhance facial features for a long time.

Makeup (up to 60 min) link to the service

This is a possibility to accentuate one's natural beauty and create an attractive image with the help of a makeup artist.
Ear piercing

Ear piercing (up to 20 min) link to the service

Ear piercing with sterilised studs.
An ear piercing gun is used in the procedure along with sterilised disposable studs. This is a safe and painless way to pierce ears that eliminates any chance of inflammation and problematic healing.

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