Sensitive skin, with rosacea and visible blood vessels

Dermatologist  Consultation

Dermatologist Consultation (40 min) link to the service

The consultation offers a professional assessment of the skin, nails and hair condition; determination of any dysfunction or skin diseases. The best possible treatment is also recommended.
During the consultation the skin is examined and cause of unsatisfactory skin/nails condition is determined. The therapist suggests necessary treatments for face and body as well as provides recommendations for face and body care products. Additional laboratory tests may be required by dermatologist upon the necessity. (starting at 5.00 EUR)
Sensitive SPA Care SOTHYS

Sensitive SPA Care SOTHYS (60 min) link to the service

Soothing professional treatment with SPA™ Thermal water for naturally sensitive and temporarily sensitised skin. Protects the skin against external aggression, eliminates all symptoms of discomfort (redness, tightness, sensations of heat, etc.), balances the skin’s tolerance threshold, strengthens the capillaries, and decreases skin’s sensitivity.
A complete treatment with fragrance free, hypoallergenic and ultra-gentle textures that have been formulated to respect the sensitivity of all skin to recover comfort and serenity! All products basis is a unique ingredient - SPA™ Thermal water*: natural mineral spring water from protected environment regulates various skin’s physiological mechanisms, slows down the ageing of skin tissues and restores them, as well as forms a protective film on skin’s surface.

The softest cleansing with micellar water followed by a softening cleansing mask that restores skin’s radiance rids the skin of impurities and inflammations, thus preparing the skin for the following steps of the treatment. Light express-serum instantly relieves all sensations of discomfort and ultra-soothing modelling to moisturise and replenish the skin. The treatment finishes with a mask to optimise the skin’s barrier function and restore its comfort. During this phase, the massage is performed using special modelling porcelains (spoons) for fantastic relaxation.

*Marie-Henriette natural mineral spring water from a protected environment.
SOTHYS Clarte & Comfort

SOTHYS Clarte & Comfort (75 min) link to the service

This capillary strengthening treatment provides instant relieve to sensitive skin and skin with rosacea.
Cosmetic products used in this treatment are specifically designed for sensitive skin and skin with rosacea. Purification products are based on extracts of hamamelis and cucumber, routine salts and allantoin; they not only cleanse and detoxify the skin, but also regulate the microcirculation, tone the vessels, moisturise, soften and refresh the skin.
A unique serum - the main element of this treatment, strengthens blood vessels, removes redness, irritation as well as burning sensation, and restores skin immunity. A true relieve for sensitive, delicate skin with rosacea is an arnica healing mask that concludes the treatment.

As a result skin becomes radiant, soft, resilient and less sensitive to irritating environmental factors!

Delicate Skin SOS Bilberry IT Bernard Cassière

Delicate Skin SOS Bilberry IT Bernard Cassière (75 min) link to the service

Regular care for sensitive, delicate and/or skin with Rosacea based in organic bilberry, Nordic Boreal blackberry and Passion-flower extracts – a genuine delight!
Cosmetic products used in this treatment are based on bilberry extract, known for its healing qualities since the ancient times. It stimulates capillary blood circulation, improves their elasticity, neutralises free radicals and activates synthesis of collagen and elastin. Nordic Boreal blackberry and Passion-flower extracts, improve tired and dull skin, posses soothing, softening, anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties.
Bilberry peel-off mask with C vitamin, bilberry extract, sea minerals and algae extracts reduces sensitivity of the skin with rosacea and sensitive, delicate skin, and has a visible lifting and soothing effect.
Soothes irritation, relieves redness and tension, restores capillary elasticity, reduces visible signs of rosacea as well as provides the skin with prolonged protection and long-lasting comfort!  
ENERPEEL® mandelic acid 40 % or Jessner Peel

ENERPEEL® mandelic acid 40 % or Jessner Peel (up to 45 min) link to the service

Superficial peeling of skin with rosacea, fragile capillaries and hyper pigmentation.
Chemical peeling is a controlled removal of superficial skin layer using 40% mandelic acid.
Very gentle superficial skin layer exfoliation. This process promotes rapid skin regeneration and cells renewal, allows to restore normal sebaceous excretions, smooths out the skins roughness (post-acne), narrows the pores, makes post acne pigmentation less visible.
IPL Therapy

IPL Therapy (up to 60 min) link to the service

A non-invasive procedure that uses high-intensity light impulses to treat rosacea.

IPL is based on emitting high intensity pulses of light to penetrate the skin structure and eliminate complaints. The light impulses penetrate the skin; stimulate its growth over capillaries, therefore making them less visible. This therapy intensifies metabolic processes in the skin thus strengthening capillary walls and stimulating the outflow of venous blood, eliminating the redness and signs of irritation.

Mesotherapy (up to 60 min) link to the service

Mesotherapy is a procedure of medication infusion into the mesoderm (under the top layer of the skin) to strengthen blood vessels and improve overall skin condition.
For treating rosacea and dilated blood vessels the therapist uses individually selected homeopathic and allopathic solutions that are based on plant extracts, complex vitamins and microelements. The injections are made with very thin and short needles, thus making the procedure virtually painless. Treating rosacea with mesotherapy ensures long term skin nourishment and hydration that stimulates its renewal and quick recovery.
The course of treatments is selected individually for each customer.
Blood Vessel Removal with Laser

Blood Vessel Removal with Laser (up to 30 min) link to the service

An efficient procedure of vascular pathology elimination.
This procedure is performed with a neodymium Smart VS laser (Nd:Yag). Unlike any other previous generation multi-function lasers, neodymium laser is designed to only treat vascular pathologies. The technique of this laser is based on "selective photothermolysis" where damaged blood vessels undergo a selective light exposure.
The emitted light energy is converted into a heat in order to coagulate the proteins in the vessel wall, thus bonding the vessel walls together. Later on the treated blood vessel is overgrown by a connective tissue and the skin gets its natural color.
The uniqueness of this method lies in the ability of the laser to target only the damaged vessels without causing skin injuries, pigmentation or skin heating. The procedure does not foresee any rehabilitation period and the effect is visible after the first treatment.

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