Body skin purification and detoxification

Body Escape exfoliation Sothys

Body Escape exfoliation Sothys (30 min) 30.00 €link to the service

Gourmand peeling with delicious fragrances of your choice cleanses, nourishes and tones the body, leaving the skin velvety with mouth-watering scents.
Tiny sea salt and cane sugar particles mixed with essential modeling oil and scrumptious elixir of your choice (fresh toning lemon/petitgrains; warm sweet vanilla/sandal wood; musky-woody orange/cedar) will softly and thoroughly cleanse the body skin, enrich it with vitamins, minerals and vital nourishing ingredients.
Wake-up Exfoliation Sothys

Wake-up Exfoliation Sothys (30 min) 30.00 €link to the service

This exfoliation with delightful spices “marmalade” will perfectly cleanse, nourish and tone the skin.
The exfoliation is done with aromatic ginger scrub, nutmeg grains, eucalyptus, cardamom and neroli essential oils. Special toning Sothys massage techniques are used during the treatment to gently and effectively cleanse the skin, eliminate the effects of stress and restore overall well-being.

TRIBAL ORIENT (starting at 75 min) 59.00 €link to the service

Oriental body ritual based on a thousand years of history and traditions, improves well-being, cleanses the skin thoroughly and gently, preserving its beauty and providing complete relaxation.
Oriental well-being ritual commences with the cleansing and exfoliation in Hammam with “black soap” from olive paste and eucalyptus oil. Perfect for oil skin types, especially dry and dehydrated. 100% natural organic product applied on a steamed skin to eliminate dead cells and to restore skin’s radiance and softness. Then, with Kessa glove the clogged pores and toxins are eliminated along with dead cells, the skin is stimulated and blood circulation is improved for soft and silky feel. The next step is a detoxifying body wrap with natural mineral clay Rhassoul of volcanic origin from Morocco. It purifies the skin thanks to its ability to absorb the excess of sebum. The body wrap also softens and rejuvenates the skin, removes impurities and acnes, tightens the pores. The feeling of unparalleled well-being is strengthened by the Oriental massage with Argan oil.

A true voyage to the world of recuperation and relaxation to reveal the natural beauty of the skin!

The treatment is perfect for women and men exposed to the daily stress and fatigue, with any skin type, except reactive. Especially recommended for dry, mature skin. Does not reduce the tan effect. Contraindicative to pregnant women, people with inflammatory sicknesses, hypertension, infectious diseases and heart conditions.

Enhance the pleasure and relaxation by taking the ritual in Hammam, tradional Turkish "steam room"!

TRIBAL ORIENT in Hammam 80.00 EUR

Detox Body Wrap

Detox Body Wrap (40 min) 46.00 €link to the service

Effective skin cleansing, elimination of toxins and detoxification.
Initial stage of the treatment is a deep exfoliation with a sculpturing paste. The skin is well cleansed, the relief is smoothed and the blood circulation is improved. This amazing in its composition paste (marine salts crystals, lactic acid, zeolite, bitter orange extract) is also used for body wrap, during which the fatty cells are successfully «emptied» (lipolysis). It also reduces the amount of body fat and helps to eliminate stagnant fluids and toxins. During the body wrap the specialist massages the feet to stimulate and balance the functioning of all the body organs.

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Body skin purification and detoxification
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