Body esthetics specialist consultation

Experts consultation on body aesthetics

Experts consultation on body aesthetics (up to 60 min) link to the service

Diagnosis of the body areas in concern and selection of the best professional care programs, rehabilitation and remodeling.
During the consultation the specialist conducts a visual assessment and apparatus diagnosis of the body. With the help of the electronic analyser the Body Mass Index, the amount of fat and lean body mass are determined as well as a number of calories that a person should consume during one day. As a result, an individual program of professional treatments is tailored to achieve optimal body reshaping, the recommendations regarding appropriate nutrition are provided and the home-care products are assembled.

Body esthetics specialist consultation
Relaxation and stress relief
Body skin purification and detoxification
Swelling reducing treatments
Undesirbale fatty deposit, cellulite and excess weight
Loose skin and stretch marks
Visible blood vessels, abnormal pegmentation, moles, warts, skin rashes, papillomas
Treating of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
Undesirable body hair

April, 2018

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