Specialists consultation

Esthetician Consultation

Esthetician Consultation (60 min) 16.00 €link to the service

Skin state diagnosis and selection of the best possible, professional skin care treatment program for skin rejuvenation and correction.
During the consultation, an esthetician conducts visual as well as laboratory assessment of the skin and determines the condition and the level of age-related changes. After the session professional treatment programs and skin care products are selected based on individual needs of each client.
Dermatologist Consultation

Dermatologist Consultation (20 min) 30.00 €link to the service

The consultation offers a professional assessment of the skin, nails and hair condition; determination of any dysfunction or skin diseases. The best possible treatment is also recommended.
During the consultation the skin is examined and cause of unsatisfactory skin/nails condition is determined. The therapist suggests necessary treatments for face and body as well as provides recommendations for face and body care products. Additional laboratory tests may be required by dermatologist upon the necessity. (starting at 5.00 EUR)
Biopsy and scraping collection as well as any other examination element starting at 5.00 EUR

Specialists consultation
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April, 2017

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