Undesirable body hair

Epilation  (waxing)

Epilation (waxing) (up to 60 min) link to the service

Undesirable body hair elimination using wax.
A method of hair removal by the use of heated wax. Before epilation the skin is disinfected with a special product that reduces any pain caused by waxing. The hot wax is applied to the desired area of the skin in the direction of hair growth. The heated wax opens pores and hair is easily removed. At the end of the treatment a product reducing irritation sensation is applied, it calms the skin and slows down future hair growth.
Armpits up to 13.00 EUR
Arms up to 19.00 EUR
Bikini up to 19.00 EUR
Full bikini up to 30.00 EUR
Knees and Knee caps up to 22.00 EUR
Legs up to 33.00 EUR
Sugar waxing PANDHY'S

Sugar waxing PANDHY'S (up to 60 min) link to the service

Undesirable body hair elimination using Pandhy’s sugar paste.
Sugar waxing (Sugaring) is an epilation method that is done with the use of sugar paste which consists of just sugar and water. The sugar paste is spread onto the skin opposite of hair growth, and removed in the direction of hair growth thus excluding its chance to grow-in or break. This procedure is completely painless because a delicate sugar paste sticks only to the hair without attaching to the skin. Sugaring, apart form other waxing methods, guarantees the removal of the smallest and thinnest hair.
Armpits  starting at 21.00-31.00 EUR
Arms (up to the elbows) starting at 30.00 EUR
Bikini starting at 36.00-53.00 EUR
Knees starting at 30.00 EUR
Legs starting at 28.00-53.00 EUR

Photoepilation (up to 30 min) link to the service

Undesirable body hair elimination procedure with the use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).
Photoepilation destroys the hair using controlled flashes of light. Its energy is absorbed by melanin in the hair follicle. Photoepilation is performed using the latest generation equipment - DEKA Photosilk Plus. The device is equipped with a computer that programs a precise power level and duration of the light pulse depending on a skin type, hair color and the depth of their growth. Its precision ensures an effective hair removal of all colors! Photosilk Plus can treat up to 8.3 cm2 of epidermis per each impulse, with a maximum repetition frequency of once per second. There is also a built-in cooling system that cools the skin during the procedure to 15 degrees. Photoepilation with DEKA Photosilk Plus is painless, does not cause any trauma to the skin and requires no further rehabilitation.

AreaPrice, EUR*
Stomach - white line35.00-55.00
Arms, full length115.00-145.00
Full bikini100.00-130.00
Bikini (edges)70.00-85.00
Legs (up to the knee)185.00-255.00
Legs, full length285.00-355.00

Anesthesia cream Emla (5g.) - 7.00 EUR

* The final price is determined after a consultation with a specialist.

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Undesirable body hair

April, 2017

75 min.
82.00 €
69.00 €
45 min.
50.00 €
42.50 €
85 min.
68.00 €
59.00 €
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