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Face care

Energizing face cleanser SOTHYS

Energizing face cleanser SOTHYS (125 ml) 28.00 € Link to product

This daily cleanser is ideal for freeing the skin of impurities in a single step and prepare the skin for the shaving.
Softening shaving foam SOTHYS

Softening shaving foam SOTHYS (125 ml) 20.00 € Link to product

Light, creamy texture helps the blade glide more easily for a precise and effective shave.
Soothing after-shave balm SOTHYS

Soothing after-shave balm SOTHYS (50 ml) 33.50 € Link to product

Лёгкий освежающий успокаивающий бальзам после бритья.
Age-defying hydrating fluid SOTHYS

Age-defying hydrating fluid SOTHYS (50 ml) 42.50 € Link to product

A 2-in-1 emulsion to hydrate the skin each day and combat the appearance of signs of ageing in a single step.
De-stressing Eye roll-on SOTHYS

De-stressing Eye roll-on SOTHYS (15 ml) 34.00 € Link to product

Targeted eye-contour care: reduces puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles, hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes.
Nice maturity fluid Bernard Cassière

Nice maturity fluid Bernard Cassière (50 ml) 35.00 € Link to product

Nice maturity fluid.
Whiplash fluid Bernard Cassière

Whiplash fluid Bernard Cassière (50 ml) 28.50 € Link to product

Whiplash fluid.
After-shave mist Bernard Cassière

After-shave mist Bernard Cassière (200 ml) 29.90 € Link to product

After-shave mist.
Cleansing and toning gel M de MAHLER

Cleansing and toning gel M de MAHLER (100 ml) 28.90 € Link to product

Simple gesture will help to keep the skin healthy, clean and soft. Non-greasy gel.
Moisturising and energizing face and eye care M de MAHLER

Moisturising and energizing face and eye care M de MAHLER (75 ml) 41.30 € Link to product

Daily moisturiser, particularly for the area around the eyes, to reduce signs of tiredness.

Face care
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