Face care

Skin with permanent wrinkles and lack of tonus

Anti-ageing Essential ampoules SOTHYS

Anti-ageing Essential ampoules SOTHYS (1.5 ml x 7) 29.00 € Link to product

Perfectly absorbed super-concentrate protects the skin from aging. Aids smoothing of the wrinkles, provides additional elasticity to the skin.
BX Wrinkle Corrector SOTHYS

BX Wrinkle Corrector SOTHYS (15 ml) 92.00 € Link to product

Corrector of expression lines – imitator of botulinum toxin injections, efficiently smoothes out expression lines, neutrolising the micro muscle contractions, prevents the appearance of new wrinkles, as well as strengthens and prolongs the action of botulinum toxin injections.
Age Nutri² serum S.Mahler

Age Nutri² serum S.Mahler (30 ml) 62.00 € Link to product

Intensely nourishing and revitalising serum.
Age Nutri² cream S.Mahler

Age Nutri² cream S.Mahler (50 ml) 59.00 € Link to product

Intense protective and nourishing cream.
Creme Cardinale S.Mahler

Creme Cardinale S.Mahler (50 ml) 80.80 € Link to product

With vanilla absolute, nourishes and smooths out wrinkles and lines, and makes the skin more supple.
For dry and devitalized skins.

Creme de Vie S.Mahler

Creme de Vie S.Mahler (50 ml) 88.80 € Link to product

A multivitamin revitalising complex with repair and regeneration action in “emergency cures” for dry and devitalised skins.

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December, 2017

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