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Skin with first wrinkles and lack of energy

Anti-ageing Essential ampoules SOTHYS

Anti-ageing Essential ampoules SOTHYS (1.5 ml x 7) 29.00 € Link to product

Perfectly absorbed super-concentrate protects the skin from aging. Aids smoothing of the wrinkles, provides additional elasticity to the skin.
BX Wrinkle Corrector SOTHYS

BX Wrinkle Corrector SOTHYS (15 ml) 92.00 € Link to product

Corrector of expression lines – imitator of botulinum toxin injections, efficiently smoothes out expression lines, neutrolising the micro muscle contractions, prevents the appearance of new wrinkles, as well as strengthens and prolongs the action of botulinum toxin injections.
Pomegranate & AHA Radiance fluid Bernard Cassière

Pomegranate & AHA Radiance fluid Bernard Cassière (50 ml) 29.50 € Link to product

A soft fluid activates the internal cells energy, improves skin’s texture and complexion, effectively combats first wrinkles, eliminates skin’s imperfections, hydrates and strengthens the skin. Especially recommended for young and/or oily skin.
Pomegranate & AHA Radiance Retinol cream Bernard Cassière

Pomegranate & AHA Radiance Retinol cream Bernard Cassière (50 ml) 39.00 € Link to product

A delicate cream helps to smooth the fine lines, reduce the depth of wrinkles, provides visible lifting effect and reduces the probability of pigmentation spots appearance. It visibly improves the skin’s elasticity and firmness, provides radiant, well-groomed appearance and a sense of comfort. Recommended for maturing skin, after 30-35 years of age or as a night cream.
Illumin’Perfect™ Serum SimoneMahler

Illumin’Perfect™ Serum SimoneMahler (30 ml) 68.50 € Link to product

Complexion correcting Serum.
Illumin’Perfect™ Cream SimoneMahler

Illumin’Perfect™ Cream SimoneMahler (50 ml) 58.35 € Link to product

Complexion perfecting cream.
Decrisp'line™ serum S.Mahler

Decrisp'line™ serum S.Mahler (30 ml) 61.00 € Link to product

Smoothing serum perfectly hydrates and protects the skin, renews its natural regeneration processes, reduces the wrinkles and provides elasticity and healthy glow to the skin.
Decrisp'line™ cream S.Mahler

Decrisp'line™ cream S.Mahler (50 ml) 68.50 € Link to product

Skin cells energising cream, hydrates and protects the skin, slows down the appearance of wrinkles and first signs of ageing.

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February, 2018

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