Face care

Skin with pigmentation spots and signs of photoageing

Brightening Essential ampoules SOTHYS

Brightening Essential ampoules SOTHYS (1.5 ml x 7) 29.00 € Link to product

A watery textured concentrate regulates the production of melanin, limits the appearance of pigmentation spots, procures a bright and even complexion. Absorbs immediately.
[W.]™+ Double action serum SOTHYS

[W.]™+ Double action serum SOTHYS (10ml x 2) 81.00 € Link to product

Serum with double action – effective pigmentation spots targeting and brightening for uniform complexion. Prevents premature skin ageing.
[W.]™+  Cleansing Cream SOTHYS

[W.]™+ Cleansing Cream SOTHYS (125 ml) 31.00 € Link to product

Gentle cleansing cream to prevent photo-ageing and smooth the face.
[W.]™+ Preparative Lotion SOTHYS

[W.]™+ Preparative Lotion SOTHYS (200 ml) 27.00 € Link to product

A lotion with extremely light texture and delicate fresh fragrance – an indispensable care to moisturise, smooth and provide new radiance. Prepares the skin to receive the other products of the program. For all skin types, except reactive.
[W.]™+ Brightening fluid SOTHYS

[W.]™+ Brightening fluid SOTHYS (50 ml) 55.00 € Link to product

An indispensable anti-ageing and illuminating product for daily use.
[W.]™+ Brightening mask  SOTHYS

[W.]™+ Brightening mask SOTHYS (50 ml) 35.50 € Link to product

Gently creamy mask with delicate fragrance for illuminating pigmentation spots and with comfort action. For all skin types with ageing signs and pigmentation.
Blanc Brightening Cleansing gel S.Mahler

Blanc Brightening Cleansing gel S.Mahler (100 ml) 16.75 € Link to product

Cleansing gel for natural clarity, radiance and sparkle of the skin.
Blanc Lotion S.Mahler

Blanc Lotion S.Mahler (150 ml) 21.00 € Link to product

Cleansing lotion with brightening effect.
Concentre éclat taches S.Mahler

Concentre éclat taches S.Mahler (30 ml) 46.00 € Link to product

Intensive unifying serum.
Blanc Hydrating clarifying fluid S.Mahler

Blanc Hydrating clarifying fluid S.Mahler (50 ml) 51.00 € Link to product

Hydrating, clarifying and protecting light fluid.
Perfecteur de Peau Simone Mahler

Perfecteur de Peau Simone Mahler (30 ml) 39.00 € Link to product

Instant smoothing corrector.

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