Face care

"First aid" to lifeless skin and renovation

Regenerative Solution [Recover RX] SOTHYS

Regenerative Solution [Recover RX] SOTHYS (50 ml) 60.00 € Link to product

A cosmeceutical care for a speedy regeneration, hydration and comfort of the skin after an aggressive dermo-aesthetic procedures and/or for “breaking” ageing skin. Hypoallergenic, odourless, colorant free.
Energizing Booster Serum SOTHYS

Energizing Booster Serum SOTHYS (30 ml) 79.00 € Link to product

Boosts the lifeless skin’s energy capital.
Instant Energizing Corrector SOTHYS

Instant Energizing Corrector SOTHYS (30 ml) 36.00 € Link to product

A “Photoshop” effect for immediate elimination of skin imperfections and even complexion.
Energizing Night cream SOTHYS

Energizing Night cream SOTHYS (50 ml) 69.00 € Link to product

Gently enveloping cream for all skin types, except sensitive, to restore the energy balance during night-time.
Energizing Radiance Ampoules SOTHYS

Energizing Radiance Ampoules SOTHYS (2x1ml) 12.00 € Link to product

A “Beauty express” ampoule for immediately smooth micro relief!
Oxygenating Essential ampoules SOTHYS

Oxygenating Essential ampoules SOTHYS (1.5 ml x 7) 29.00 € Link to product

A watery textured concentrate maintains fresh and rosy complexion. Refreshes, tones and improves skin’s elasticity.
[ENERGY ENHANCER] Blood orange EE cream Bernard Cassière

[ENERGY ENHANCER] Blood orange EE cream Bernard Cassière (30 ml) 26.00 € Link to product

Energy enhancing cream with vitalizing and anti-dull skin formula.
[ENERGY ENHANCER] Blood orange Vitamin C shot serum Bernard Cassière

[ENERGY ENHANCER] Blood orange Vitamin C shot serum Bernard Cassière (7 x 1.5 ml) 28.20 € Link to product

A Vitamin C shot serum.
Perfecteur de Peau Simone Mahler

Perfecteur de Peau Simone Mahler (30 ml) 39.00 € Link to product

Instant smoothing corrector.

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January, 2018

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