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Sothys Discovery Box Link
115.00 €
39.00 €
Sothys Discovery Box
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

This holiday season discover the magic of skin care with French Professional cosmetics brand Sothys!

The "treasure cheast" beholds the secrets of skin are for women and men!

Three anti-ageing hydrating products from Hydra3HaTM line – cubed hyaluronic acid!

as well as,
  • Micellar cleansing water – a universal product to remove make-up and perfectly cleanse the face and eye contour area skin (40 ml);
  • Perfect Shape Youth serum – eliminates second chin, perfects the contours of the facial oval and smooths the neck and décolleté skin (10 ml);
  • Soothing after-shave balm – non-oily, non-sticky immediately absorbing balm that soothes and refreshes the skin after shaving (15 ml);
  • Testers (1.5 ml) – a perfect opportunity to try the textures, scents and actions of 3 different foundations: anti-ageing Teint Satiné, hydrating Teint Naturel and matifying Teint Mat.
An exclusive generous offer! True jewel of all the creams! An unprecedented novelty in the world of cosmetics - Secrets de Sothys® La Crème 128! «360° rejuvenation», exquisite “haute couture” care (3ml)!

Sothys Discovery box Limited Edition - ideal way to treat oneself!
Diamonds are forever! And your youth? Link
273.00 €
208.00 €
Diamonds are forever! And your youth?
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Discover the jewelry intricacies with this new DIAMONDS ANTI-AGE CARE from French professional alternative cosmetics brand Bernard Cassière.

The best formulas developed as if in a watchmaker's workshop, with jeweler's precision, and carefully selected ingredients, containing everything the most valuable, effective and at the forefront of technology... The range with diamond powder and white pearl extract, scrutinously created, like jewelery, for your face, eyes and decollete skin rejuvenation

The most luxurious offer of the season! Purchasing this new DIAMOND Rejuvenating serum, enriched with diamond powder and new DIAMOND Global anti-ageing cream with 4 actions: hydrating, smoothing and "lipofilling", reducing pigmentation spots and increasing skin's elasticity, A GIFTDIAMOND Eye contour cream with enveloping texture and lifting effect, eliminating dark circles and first signs of ageing!

And how many carats are in your skin care?
No pigmentation spots! Link
97.00 €
67.50 €
No pigmentation spots!
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Little by little first spring rays are visible through the clouds! We want them to bathe in their warmth as soon as possible, but their tenderness is deceptive! For these may harm our skin!

Sunray damaged skin and skin's ageing are directly linked with pigmentation process. To prevent such imperfections from appearing as well as to maintain even healthy complexion, an appropriate skin care is extremely vital in spring-summer period!

Simone Mahler, French professional dermacosmetics brand offers a global action duo to eliminate pigmentation spots and prevent further appearance. Used in synergy, intensively unifies the complexion. Active ingredients formulas, gentle textures and delicate fragrances will provide additional touch of comfort to your daily care. .

Light Blanc hydrating clarifying fluid for smooth, radiant skin with increased elasticity and less visible pigmentation spots, and, AT HALF A PRICE, to strengthen and prolong the effect intensive unifying, dermatologically tested, serum Concentre éclat taches - helps to eliminate pigmentation spots and prevent their further appearance.

NB! Do not forget about rigorous skin protection from UVA/UVB and infrared radiation that is mostly dangerous during first sunny days!
Your bikini body! Link
92.50 €
56.00 €
Your bikini body!
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Your calender indicates the summer approaching....and your body desires better results? You think you won't make it? We say, YOU CAN! With this super slimming offer from skin care expert, French professional cosmetics brand SOTHYS!*

Meet your new must-have ally in your battle against cellulite - Essential Slimming Care!
Color- and fragrance-free formula with highly efficient biotechnological active ingredients for global anti-cellulite action and reduction of body volume up to -2.5cm/month**!

This season, comes together with A GIFT - the most powerful weapon, Slimming Activator– one week shock-therapy with "intelligent" ultrasound-like complex to eliminate all types of cellulite! !

Using both these products simultaneously you may loose up to -1.0cm in 2 weeks!***

*Never forget, that not one slimming and silhouette correction product is ever efficient without appropriate excersisses and diet.
**Using once a day during one month
***Using twice a day during 14 days
Eloquent eyes ! Link
48.50 €
30.00 €
Eloquent eyes !

Your eyes outshine everyone when its advantages are emphasised.

To draw attention to the best features use the magical SOTHYS Make-Up The Eyes set – Essential mascara black + Black eyeliner.

Intense Black eyeliner with creamy easy-to-apply texture for flawless lines of any form and size, and Essential black mascara – envelopes the lashes, providing volume and length.

Let your eyes speak for you!
Double power! Link
80.00 €
40.00 €
Double power!
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Skin care expert - French professional cosmetics brand SOTHYS, offers A DOUBLE VOLUME of an irreplacable skin cleansers at a super price:

for oily to combination skin with floral scent and iris extract (Purity cleansing milk, 400 ml and Purity Lotion, 400 ml) and for skin with fragile capillaries with hamamelis extract (Clarity cleansing milk, 400 ml and Clarity Lotion, 400 ml) .
No one will every know how sensitive your skin is! Link
65.90 €
52.00 €
No one will every know how sensitive your skin is!

Frost and wind "burns" the skin at the ski resort? Woolen scarves, temperature swings and dry heated air irritate your skin?

French professional alternative cosmetics brand Вernard Cassiere has developed a skin care line for sensitive, delicate skin and skin with redness based on ingredients known to survive the most extreme conditions with added innovative green pearl shells extract.

Bilberry ultra-soothing concentrate with organic bilberry, Nordic berry and passion fruit extracts, enriched with vitamins for hypersensitive skin, prone to irritation together with an innovation - Color Control (CC) Bilberry redness soothing S.O.S. solution, specially created to mask and eliminate (prolonged use) redness.

Micellar cleansing water Limited Edition Link
10.50 €
8.90 €
Micellar cleansing water Limited Edition

French professional cosmetics brand Sothys presents - Limited Edition Micellar cleansing water.

A real discovery for every modern woman!

Micellar cleansing water – a multi-functional skin care for face, eyes and lips contour. It can be used for both makeup removal and daily cleansing. Suitable for all sin types, including very sensitive. Indulge your skin and acquire the 100 ml Micellar cleansing water at a very special price!

Just one movement for an impeccably clean skin!
Kiss your wrinkles goodbye Link
92.00 €
73.60 €
Kiss your wrinkles goodbye

Wrinkles-less eternal desire of every woman and many men.

For those who do not tolerate botulinum toxin injections as well as for those who wish to strengthen the injection effect and prolong the next one, French Professional Cosmetics brand SOTHYS has developed a targeted action BX WRINKLE CORRECTOR – imitates the action of botulinum toxin injections and “erases” expression lines.

Already after two weeks of this deeply penetrating serum application features look relaxed, the wrinkles are less visible. Visible constant results appear after one month of constant usage.

Using the serum, facial expressions look natural – no “puppet face” effect. While maintaining its naturalness, the face looks younger.

The product at a SPECIAL PRICE and, moreover, is accompanied by a GIFT of 2 Desquacream Forte samples. A reinforced action cleanser eliminates most resilient impurities, evens out the skin’s micro relief, promotes deeper penetration of intensive care products, and eliminates acne and miliums. Suitable for normal, combination and oily skin.
Only you know your truee age! Link
100.50 €
74.50 €
Only you know your  truee age!

Skin aging is inevitable, but there are many external aggressions that may speed up the process, provoking the appearances of wrinkles and skin sagginess...

Q: How to protect the skin?
A: appropriate to the skin type treatment from French Professional cosmetics brand SOTHYS!

A one-in-a-kind offer! Anti-ageing duos concealed in a SOTHYS original gift box. One of the active rejuvenating active creams: Grade 1 (first wrinkles and lack of energy); Grade 2 (permanent wrinkles and lack of tonus, two textures); Grade 3 (sagging skin with deep wrinkles, two textures) or Grade 4 (visible signs of ageing – wrinkles, flabbiness, lack of tonus, complexion and texture) comes with a[W.]™+ Brightening Mask to lighten pigmentation spots, eliminate signs of photo ageing and provide healthy glow and sense of comfort to the skin.

 Your true age remains only in your passport ...

Grade 1 + [W.]™+ Brightening Mask + Sothys box 100.50 € 74.50 €
Grade 2 (light/comfort) + [W.]™+ Brightening Mask+ Sothys box 100.50 € 74.50 €
Grade 3 (light/comfort) + [W.]™+ Brightening Mask+ Sothys box 100.50 € 74.50 €
Grade 4 + [W.]™+ Brightening Mask + Sothys box 110.50 € 79.50 €
Complex anti-ageing care! Link
94.00 €
81.50 €
Complex anti-ageing care!

Many years of experience, cutting-edge innovations and latest scientific advances allowed French professional cosmetics brand SOTHYS develop a 7-days skin care programme consisting of 4 types of ampoules:

hydrating, oxygenating, brightening and anti-ageing!
"Safe" modern packaging with closing lid!

Any type of ampoules you choose , are supplemented with an active rejuvenating cream. At your choice: Grade 1 (for skin with first wrinkles and lack of energy), Grade 2 (either of two textures: light or comfort, for skin with permanent wrinkles and lack of tonus), Grade 3 (either of two textures: light or comfort, for sagging skin with deep wrinkles) or Grade 4 (for mature skin with visible signs of ageing).

Comes in a legendary  Sothys gift box.

One of anti-ageing creams, Grade 1-3, + any type of ampoules 94.00€ 81.50€
Anti-ageing cream Grade 4 + any types of ampoules 107.50€ 90.50€
29.90 €
22.00 €

French professional alternative cosmetics brand's Bernard Cassière hydrating line is specifically designed to fight skin's dehydration.

Fresh and light Hemp Bamboo Hydrating fluid protects and restores dehydrated skin due to a hemp seeds oil and bamboo extract combined action. Added Aloe Vera extract intensively moisturises the skin.

Perfect for young normal to combination skin.

Your 24/7 continuous hydration!
When wrinkles is not your case! Link
171.25 €
94.00 €
When wrinkles is not your case!
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Signs of ageing may appear differently regardless of time and age... lack of tonus, "dull" skin - all these are first steps towards permanent wrinkles and visible ageing of Your skin.

The wish to look young and posses healthy beautiful skin is in the heart of French professional DermaCosmetics brand Simone Mahler work. That is why they have developed a range of anti-ageing products to delay the effects of time!

This spring choose YOUR rejuvenating care! Purchasing serum, supplementary cream AS A GIFT!


Signs of changes are visible - fatigue, slower cell and energy recovery, loss of brightness... first signs of premature ageing. 
Cream and serum DECRISP’LINE™ will provide your skin with bare essentials - hydration, protection, stimulation and regeneration!


Sagging skin, first wrinkles and no longer clear facial oval contour?
Cream and serum Skin Gravity™ will strengthen the skin, provide it with turgor and eliminate sagginess, improve elasticity and give "volume" to the skin - proven not only scientifically proven, but also by many women who tested and approved their effectiveness!


Pronounced signs of ageing - wrinkles, flabiness, lack of tonus, complexion and texture?
Protecting and hydrating EGF-Repairlift™ anti-wrinkle smoothing cream, as well as EGF-Repairlift™ anti-wrinkle regenerating serum improves elasticity, oxygenate and reduce pigmentation spots.

A GIFT with each duo- stylish make-up pouch to brighten your day!

Comfort of your skin! Link
42.00 €
32.00 €
Comfort of your skin!

Cleansing is the first step towards always young skin!

When the skin is deeply cleansed from all the impurities (dust, clogged pores, make-up...), efficiency of the following regular care products is increased regardless if it is hydrating, aanit-ageing or nutrition care! Impurities are the barrerier between the cells and the product that has to be eliminated thoroughly. That is why proper daily cleansing is a key step in preparation and achieving desired results!

French profesisonal alternative cosmetics brand Bernard Cassièreoffers a universaly beneficial solution! 2 products for all skin types shall prepare your skin for the upcoming regular care!

Purchasing an enriched with nano-spheres, vitamins and glycerin melting Daily cleanser, AT HALF PRICE-creamy-texutred Deep pore cleanser for deep yet soft exfoliation.

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