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Sothys Discovery Box Link
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39.00 €
Sothys Discovery Box
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

This holiday season discover the magic of skin care with French Professional cosmetics brand Sothys!

The "treasure cheast" beholds the secrets of skin are for women and men!

Three anti-ageing hydrating products from Hydra3HaTM line – cubed hyaluronic acid!

as well as,
  • Micellar cleansing water – a universal product to remove make-up and perfectly cleanse the face and eye contour area skin (40 ml);
  • Perfect Shape Youth serum – eliminates second chin, perfects the contours of the facial oval and smooths the neck and décolleté skin (10 ml);
  • Soothing after-shave balm – non-oily, non-sticky immediately absorbing balm that soothes and refreshes the skin after shaving (15 ml);
  • Testers (1.5 ml) – a perfect opportunity to try the textures, scents and actions of 3 different foundations: anti-ageing Teint Satiné, hydrating Teint Naturel and matifying Teint Mat.
An exclusive generous offer! True jewel of all the creams! An unprecedented novelty in the world of cosmetics - Secrets de Sothys® La Crème 128! «360° rejuvenation», exquisite “haute couture” care (3ml)!

Sothys Discovery box Limited Edition - ideal way to treat oneself!
Be my Valentine – for him! Link
53.50 €
40.00 €
Be my Valentine – for him!
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

A proper grooming – the key to success for the modern gentleman! Indulge your favourite man this most romantic day of the year with Sothys Homme cosmetic products!

A light emulsion-gel textured Soothing after-shave balm calms, invigorates, hydrates and protects the skin together with a 2-in-1 Hair&Body revitalizing gel cleanser for soft scalp, body and hair purification. Both products exude a magical wooden-musky scent.

Freshness, desirable fragrance and trim appearance – the guarantee charisma and sex appeal!

For an addition of just 2.00 € – have it gift wrapped in a specially designed Happy St.Valentine gift box by SOTHYS.
Be My Valentine – for her ! Link
62.00 €
45.50 €
Be My Valentine – for her !
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Beauty, like art, elevates the senses and awakens emotions! Indulge the woman you love with a dive into an unprecedented palette of sensations with this body care set by French Professional cosmetics brand SOTHYS!

Tender nourishing and hydrating Inspiration Art&Beauty Body lotion with flowery-musky fragrance from the red “Inspiration Art & Beauty” ritual palette together with incredibly gentle oilyInspiration Art&Beauty Shower Scrub with floral aquatic fragrance from blue "Inspiration Art & Beauty" ritual palette for a complete, delicate purification.

Gift wrapped in a signature SOTHYS gift bag and exclusive Happy St.Valentine cover.
Eloquent eyes ! Link
48.50 €
30.00 €
Eloquent eyes !

Your eyes outshine everyone when its advantages are emphasised.

To draw attention to the best features use the magical SOTHYS Make-Up The Eyes set – Essential mascara black + Black eyeliner.

Intense Black eyeliner with creamy easy-to-apply texture for flawless lines of any form and size, and Essential black mascara – envelopes the lashes, providing volume and length.

Let your eyes speak for you!
Cleansing: first step towards always youthful skin! Link
45.00 €
30.00 €
Cleansing: first step towards always youthful skin!

Discover the new cleansers by French professional alternative cosmetics brand Bernard Cassière...

Appropriately selected good cleansing - one of the first rules of morning daily care, that prepares your skin for a further regular care.

Purchasing a Cleansing milk (all skin types or for sensitive and dry skins) and a Cleansing lotion (for all skin types, for sensitive and dry skins or for combination to oily skins) at a SPECIAL PRICE, in addition you receive a GIFT - at Your choice: Daily cleanser (30 ml) or Purity make-up removing oil for all skin types, including oily and combination (40 ml).

New modern looking packaging allows you to take just the right amount of product without splattering it: Pump for make-up removing milks and oil, and press-pad for lotions!
Forget about your pimples! Link
44.00 €
35.00 €
Forget about your pimples!
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Such qualities, as skin imperfections and excess sebum, distinctive of oily skin, may also be the signs of teenage and youthful skin. However, even hormonal disorders, heat, humidity and stress may also cause the skin imperfections (pimples, clogged pores, oily shine) at any age.

French Professional Alternative cosmetics brand Bernard Cassière has created a line of cosmetic products with Chilian wild mint and Lemon essential oils to target specifically the three main issues of oily to combination skins: the formation of excess sebum, enlarged pores and skin imperfections. All products are 100% non-comedogenic, dermatologically tested with clinically proved efficiency!

An "intellegent" Mint-Lemon Mattifying moisturizer fluid moisturises the skin and mattifies the skin areas suffering from excess sebum for the balanced healthy skin. And, AT HALFPRICEan unbeatable line's best-seller - S.O.S. solution for pimples and inflammations - S.O.S. anti-imperfections roll-on. Accelerates healing without scarring and immediately eliminates stress-related imperfections.
A Gift for your sensitive skin Link
81.50 €
57.00 €
A Gift for your sensitive skin
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

A present of special care for your sensitive skin with this SPA™ products set.

Two products with SPA™* thermal water for a sensitive skin, will sooth it, protect it from external aggression and eliminate any signs of discomfort.

The duo kit is composed of
Soothing SOS Serum (20 ml) to provide immediate soothing comfort and decongest sensitive and irritated skin. And, at Your choice, either : light Soothing melting fluid (50 ml) refreshing melting fluid for sensitive to combination skins or Soothing velvet cream (50 ml) for sensitive skin, prone to dryness.

*Marie-Henriette natural mineral spring water from a protected environment. .
"Head to toe" hydration Link
77.50 €
61.00 €
"Head to toe" hydration

French professional DermaCosmetics brand Simone Mahler offers to kick-off the new year with skin's hydration and recovery of its healthy glow!

Purchasing HYDRALURON™ Cream Hydration Globale with hyaluronic acid and unique hydrating and rejuvenating components complex to saturate all the layers of the skin, slow down the ageing processes and improve skin's protective functions and the softest ever body milk Lait Doucer with peach extract AT A SPECIAL PRICE !

Marvellous sensation of comfort, freshness and soft skin wherever you are - at work or at home!
Hydrate or nourish? No need to choose! Link
57.70 €
44.00 €
Hydrate or nourish? No need to choose!

We all, regardless of the age, suffer from the same problems! Every day our skin is exposed to external environment and ageing, we loose the sensation of comfort and at the end of the workday our skin looks irritated, without elasticity and healthy glow!

We use regular creams appropriate to our skin type, but sometimes there are seasonal or cyclical issues (heat/cold, hormonal cycle...) and the regular daily creams become effective-less....

At these moments you feel like your skin requires additional hydration or nourishment for a complete state of comfort.
French professional Alternative cosmetics brand Bernard Cassière is able to aid in such extraordinary situations with it innovative solution - hydration or nourishment BOOSTERS! Now anyone can control their regular skin care! 4 drops of specifically developed serum to ultra-hydrate and nourish, as well as optimise the efficiency of any cream!

Together with one of the boosters: Bamboo Tears Ultra-hydrating serum (30 ml) with regenerative properties for continuous hydration or Aloe Nutritive pearls (30 ml), enriched with avocado and sweet almond oils and aloe-vera and bamboo extracts, you may also purchase a Hemp Bamboo Hydrating mask for all skin types at a special price!

Уход на все случаи жизни!
Only you know your truee age! Link
100.50 €
74.50 €
Only you know your  truee age!

Skin aging is inevitable, but there are many external aggressions that may speed up the process, provoking the appearances of wrinkles and skin sagginess...

Q: How to protect the skin?
A: appropriate to the skin type treatment from French Professional cosmetics brand SOTHYS!

A one-in-a-kind offer! Anti-ageing duos concealed in a SOTHYS original gift box. One of the active rejuvenating active creams: Grade 1 (first wrinkles and lack of energy); Grade 2 (permanent wrinkles and lack of tonus, two textures); Grade 3 (sagging skin with deep wrinkles, two textures) or Grade 4 (visible signs of ageing – wrinkles, flabbiness, lack of tonus, complexion and texture) comes with a[W.]™+ Brightening Mask to lighten pigmentation spots, eliminate signs of photo ageing and provide healthy glow and sense of comfort to the skin.

 Your true age remains only in your passport ...

Grade 1 + [W.]™+ Brightening Mask + Sothys box 100.50 € 74.50 €
Grade 2 (light/comfort) + [W.]™+ Brightening Mask+ Sothys box 100.50 € 74.50 €
Grade 3 (light/comfort) + [W.]™+ Brightening Mask+ Sothys box 100.50 € 74.50 €
Grade 4 + [W.]™+ Brightening Mask + Sothys box 110.50 € 79.50 €
Hydrating duo with a gift Link
124.00 €
89.00 €
Hydrating duo with a gift

Use Sothys magic and indulge your skin with rejuvenating hydrating products of Hydra3HATM!

Two types of kits, at your choice: Hydra3HATM hydrating gel-cream for normal to combination skins or Hydra3HATM hydrating cream with enveloping texture for dry skins. Both products immediately penetrate the skin, hydrating, balancing and protecting it.

Each comes together with the Hydra3Ha™ Intensive hydrating serum (50 ml) with refreshing and gentle gel-like texture immediately moisturises epidermis and grants continuous hydration.

YOUR GIFT - branded SOTHYS make-up bag.
27.00 €
22.00 €

Unleash your eyes full beauty potential with the Cornflower eye contour radiance care [Dark circle diminisher]!

Light tinted texture will hide your dark circles and eliminate completely your lack of sleep. An immediate sensation of freshness and comfort already after the first use thanks to a special applicator

A result: rested eyes and shimmering look!
100% Anti-age Link
77.50 €
59.00 €
100% Anti-age

Beat the time at it's own game!!!

This season, purchasing a peel-off* global anti-ageing mask Mask 100% anti-age with immediate lifting effect, receive AS A GIFT 3 travel sized products for complete care at any occasion:
Skin Gravity™ firming and plumping cream (15 ml)
EGF-Repairlift™ anti-wrinkle smoothing cream (15 ml)
Hydraluron™ Cream Hydration Globale (15 ml).

*upon application, forms a tensor film on the skin (combination of this film and active ingredients (Shea butter polyphenols, black tea leaves and Cassia angustifolia extracts) with rejuvenating properties to tighten the lines and visibly smooth the wrinkles' appearance) with immediate results.
Your skin's ideal hydration Link
122.00 €
85.00 €
Your skin's ideal hydration

Two products from the rejuvenating hydrating line Hydra3HaTM –Hyaluronic acid cubed!

Freshly scented Hydra3Ha™ Hydrating protecting cream (50 ml) with enveloping texture for dehydrated dry skin. Comes together with the flowery Hydra3Ha™ Intensive hydrating serum (50 ml) with a mild gel-like texture, immediately penetrates the skin, moisturising the epidermis and providing continuous hydration.

Both products guarantee your skin's long-lasting and efficient hydration!
Body Care Duo Link
82.50 €
45.00 €
Body Care Duo
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Our body, as much as the skin, deserves an excellent care! Sothys offers incredibly fragrant body care products duo!

«Marmalade» Delicious scrub Cinnamon and ginger escape (100 ml) with tiny natural nutmeg grains and cinnamon and ginger extracts. Effectively eliminates any desquamations and deeply cleanses the skin leaving it soft, supple and pleasantly perfumed, and ultra-moisturizing Hydra-Nourishing body lotion (400 ml) for intense hydration, nourishment, protection and immediate comfort.
“Perfect skin” set! Link
59.50 €
42.00 €
“Perfect skin” set!

Regular care and professional treatments – two methods combined for a flawless appearance.

The duo set by French Professional cosmetics brand SOTHYS will help your skin to remain perfect.

A cosmeceutical Desquacream Forte with reinforced action to purify normal, combination and oily skin, as well as skin with signs of photo-ageing and hyper-pigmentation. This product’s active ingredients help to cleanse the skin of most resilient impurities, eliminate acne and miliums and even out the micro relief.

In addition, AT YOUR CHOICE, one of the best-selling diluted or congested pores cures: Matifying Refiner Solution – light gentle serum with high-tech anti-blackheads formula contains targeted ingredients to unclog congested pores usual for oily skin with excess sebum or Smoothing Refiner Solution - weightless serum to tighten enlarged deflected pores characteristic for mature skin.
New Year - new silhouette! Link
84.00 €
58.50 €
New Year - new silhouette!
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

«Gym vacation» is over and its time to get back to a serious sports regime? Few extra pounds found over the holidays?

BERNARD CASSIÈRE GLOBAL FIRMING CONCEPT [SLIMMING-DRAINING] – is a complete body care based on two high efficiency active ingredients complexes: a SLIMMING COMPLEX – an Alpine flower, ginger and vectorised caffeine cocktail; and a DRAINING CONCEPT – innovative complex combines Japanese wasabi and ginger.

Purchasing ANY product you can have another product for just HALF A PRICE!*

At Your choice:
- TARGETED ZONES BODY SUPER – SERUM Treats most problematic body areas — thighs, hips, knees, abdomen, arms
- IDEAL SILHOUETTE GEL [TARGETED ACTION] Targeted weight-loss solution!
- PERFECT LEGS DRAINING FLUID Cooling and draining fluid for swollen and tired legs.!
- Night Ideal silhouette gel [Targeted action] Regain your perfect silhouette while asleep!

*1/2 a price of the cheapest product.

The Queen of Time Link
124.75 €
95.00 €
The Queen of Time
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

For women who demand excellency in their anti-age care: exceptional products, authentic rejuvenating treasures combining efficiency and pleasure.

With EGF-Repairlift™ anti-wrinkle smoothing cream for the skin with visible signs of ageing (wrinkles, flabbiness, lack of tonus complexion and texture) together with ophtalmologically rejuvenating eye contour care product Premium Prestige Precious eye contour care, that visibly reduces "crow's feet" and prevents their further appearance, as well as eliminates dark circles LESS THEN FOR ½ PRICE!
Kiss your wrinkles goodbye Link
92.00 €
73.60 €
Kiss your wrinkles goodbye

Wrinkles-less eternal desire of every woman and many men.

For those who do not tolerate botulinum toxin injections as well as for those who wish to strengthen the injection effect and prolong the next one, French Professional Cosmetics brand SOTHYS has developed a targeted action BX WRINKLE CORRECTOR – imitates the action of botulinum toxin injections and “erases” expression lines.

Already after two weeks of this deeply penetrating serum application features look relaxed, the wrinkles are less visible. Visible constant results appear after one month of constant usage.

Using the serum, facial expressions look natural – no “puppet face” effect. While maintaining its naturalness, the face looks younger.

The product at a SPECIAL PRICE and, moreover, is accompanied by a GIFT of 2 Desquacream Forte samples. A reinforced action cleanser eliminates most resilient impurities, evens out the skin’s micro relief, promotes deeper penetration of intensive care products, and eliminates acne and miliums. Suitable for normal, combination and oily skin.

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