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We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles
Jimmy Carter
«Let me make a confession: for many years I devoted all my energy to the development of SOTHYS, «the signature of excellence in professional skin care» in Tokyo, New York or Singapore. However, my thoughts were never far from Auriac with its rich, green garden deep in the heart of Corrèze. It is a magical place, away from the madness of this century always gives me a sense of peace.

It is not easy to reach this place, far from everything and yet close to God, as would the elders say. Up in the incredible plateau of Xaintrie, on the edge of the Gorges de Dordogne and the Auvergne, one can feel power of nature wholly preserved.

Thus, by a lake, I created a Botanic arboretum «Les Jardins de Sothys™» («SOTHYS™ Gardens») which is an exceptional site full of discoveries and reveries opent to all. But to go further, for those who want to feel all the incredible benefits of nature at home, I wanted to launch a new line of natural cosmetics: Beauty Garden® by SOTHYS..."
Bernard MAS
Founder and Chairman of the SOTHYS Group
Every city inhabitant lives in constant stress and faces environmental problems on a daily basis. This is pushing them to turn once again to nature, from where for many centuries our ancestors drew vitality and energy. Therefore, all the more environmentally friendly, ecologically clean and pure, and, at the same time, efficient cosmetic products and treatments are desirable.
*All cosmetic products used in the Beauty Garden ® treatments contain not less then 99,5 % organic ingredients, grown in ecologically clean environment and certified by ECOСERT. These products based on the "gemmotherapy" and contain plantar natural moisturising complex - VMA complex from extracts of cherry buds, young roots of angelica and hawthorn flowers, that stimulates the regeneration, tones and reduces the signs of aging.

March, 2017

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