Face care

Deep cleansing for all skin types

Desquacrem SOTHYS

Desquacrem SOTHYS (50 ml) 30.00 € Link to product

A deep biological cleanser of remarkable efficiency, has perfect affinity with the skin’s tissues, emulsifying biological waste accumulations excreted through the skin and the environmental pollutants the skin would otherwise absorb. Prevents the formation of normal and/or subcutaneous acne (miliums).
Desquacrem Forte Microderm SOTHYS

Desquacrem Forte Microderm SOTHYS (50 ml) 35.00 € Link to product

Reinforced action cleanser for normal, combination and oily skin, as well as thickened skin, for skin with signs of photo-aging, hyper-pigmentation and damaged by sun rays.
Morning cleanser SOTHYS

Morning cleanser SOTHYS (125 ml) 30.00 € Link to product

Softens the skin of all types and prevents superficial clogging, gives the skin radiance and vitality, a deep cleanser gentle enough even for a delicate skin. Great for busy and active people. Also, recommended for men to cleanse highly sensitive and dry skin when shaving.
Purifying foaming gel SOTHYS

Purifying foaming gel SOTHYS (125 ml) 26.00 € Link to product

Soft refreshing gel to cleanse oily and combination skin to maintain matt complexion.
Deep pore cleanser Bernard Cassière

Deep pore cleanser Bernard Cassière (50 ml) 18.40 € Link to product

This creamy product deeply cleanses the epidermis. Leaves the skin supple, soft and ready to receive care products. It eliminates dead cells ans impurities in depth. Real blow of brightness, this product is adapted to any skin type.
Micro-peeling Bernard Cassière

Micro-peeling Bernard Cassière (50 ml) 18.40 € Link to product

With its soft cleaning base and superfine, polishing micro-granules, it refines the skin and eliminates dead cells, leaving the skin smooth and refined. Use all skins, cautiously the sensitive skins and the fragile capillaries skins.
Cocoa beans peeling Bernard Cassière

Cocoa beans peeling Bernard Cassière (50 ml) 21.40 € Link to product

Cocoa beans peeling.
Désincrustation Végétale S.Mahler

Désincrustation Végétale S.Mahler (50 ml) 24.10 € Link to product

Gentle scrub to eliminate dead cells and impurities without irritating the skin, whilst also refining pores.
Exfoliation Double Action peeling S.Mahler

Exfoliation Double Action peeling S.Mahler (50 ml) 22.50 € Link to product

Double Action peeling for all skin types, including sensitive.

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