Face care

For all skin types

Micellar cleansing water SOTHYS

Micellar cleansing water SOTHYS (200 ml) 21.00 € Link to product

2-in-1 gentle cleanser for face and eyes – effectively and in one step.
Milk for all skins Bernard Cassière

Milk for all skins Bernard Cassière (200 ml) 15.60 € Link to product

Semi-fluid, smooth and unctuous. Gently cleanses the skins, dissolves and eradicates impurities and make-up... The grapefruit extract it contains refreshes the skin and lightens the complexion. Leaves the skin sound, supple, fresh and clean.
Lotion for all skins Bernard Cassière

Lotion for all skins Bernard Cassière (200 ml) 15.60 € Link to product

Fresh and soft, slightly astringent. Thanks to its original formula (cucumber and St John's-wort extracts) this lotion softens and tonifies the skin, tightens pores and lightens the complexion.
Daily cleanser Bernard Cassière

Daily cleanser Bernard Cassière (125 ml) 18.40 € Link to product

With its creamy and foam-like texture, the soft cleanser gently eliminates all impurities and make up without drying out the skin. It contains cornflower aromatics that provide astringent and softening properties. Designed for daily use, morning and evening.
Gelée Satin S.Mahler

Gelée Satin S.Mahler (100 ml) 20.25 € Link to product

Make-up removal care without soap or tension-active ingredients.
Tonic Bleu S.Mahler

Tonic Bleu S.Mahler (150 ml) 18.75 € Link to product

For all skin types.
Toning and softening lotion with its floral water complex. With Rose and Cornflower extracts.


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December, 2016

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