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February, 2016
Beauty like art!

The winter is here! Snowy, cold, a little bit slippery and just a speck grey…. and deep in our hearts we wish it to be also short... 

Short month of February is a special. It is not only a leap year month, it is also a preparations month. In the beginning of February many prepare for the Lent; February is the last calendar winter month and the world prepares for Spring; moreover, February is a month when we can relax and restore our energy resources after the holiday madness or prepare our face and body skin for sunny summer!
75 min 74.00 €
64.00 €
Hydra3Ha™ SOTHYS

Hydrating rejuvenation means visibly younger looking skin capable to withstand the challenges of time!

Hydration - one of the most important needs of our skin. It strongly influences all its qualities: healthy glow, elasticity, comfort. All these are tightly connected to hydration! 

New treatment from French Professional Cosmetics brand Sothys HYDRA3HA - fantastically efficient hydration with three types of hyaluronic acids
The richest six-steps treatment includes two types of serum and three masks to saturate skin with moist, immersing it in a prolonged sensation of unprecedented comfort, and to regenerate, for rejuvenating effect.  

High molecular hyaluronic acid, like a sponge absorbs moist and envelopes with it the skin's surface, low weight molecular hyaluronic acid penetrates skin's deepest layers, providing the reservoir of moist thus maintaining high-quality of collagen fibers, but the patented Boletus 1055 extract activates own hyaluronic acids for FAST AND VISIBLE RESULTS with prolonged effect!
70 min
Winter Radiance™ SimoneMahler Link
74.00 €
44.00 €
Winter Radiance™ SimoneMahler
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Your skins youth and radiance!

Winter Radiance™ treatment unites deep cleansing, modelling with reconstructing mask based on pollen, that provides the shine; active influence of micro currents and ultrasound with rejuvenating serum, that intensively moisturizes and eliminates lines. 
Final touch – application of the cream with sea buckthorn and pomegranate extracts, that envelopes the skin with delicate fruity scent. 

«Winter Radiance» - an intensive rejuvenating and renewing treatment that will make you simply irresistible!
60 min 54.00 €
46.00 €
Pomegranate&AHA Superfruits Radiance care BC

The first radiance and anti-ageing response – microdermabrasion treatment with blackberry, pomegranate and black current AHA.

The treatment includes microdermabrasion mask for mechanical exfoliation, AHA peeling with superfruits acids and pomegranate flower extract, soothing mask with red berries and to complete the treatment - Radiance fluid or Retinol Radiance cream to protect the skin from external aggressors and to prolong the rejuvenating effect. 

As a result the skin is smoother, more radiant and even complexion with healthy glow.
75 min 65.00 €
55.00 €
Inspiration Art & Beauty SOTHYS
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

French Professional cosmetic brand SOTHYS believes that like art, beauty exhales emotions and reveals feelings.

Inspiration Art&Beauty – new palette of sensations combining color, music, scents and exclusive modelling for an unbelievably soft velvety skin and unprecedented comfort. Key: massage with Body modelling Porcelain! 

Soft, velvety, exuding delicate scents body full of energy; heightened emotions and exalted sensation! New body care approach!
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May, 2017

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