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December, 2015
75 min
60.00 €
49.00 €
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Champagne, pearls and gems...what other ingredients do you need to create a luxurious, precious and elegant Christmas!

This holiday season give yourself and your loved ones a truly rare precious care with Champagne grapes – symbol of French luxury, rubies – legendary gems, giving power and vitality, and cultured pearls for sparkling, visibly younger skin and relaxed festive mood!

Glitter & Sparkle!

up to 90 min 73.00 €
59.00 €
[C] Collagene Hyaluronique™ SOTHYS

Want to look younger for the Christmas party quickly and without hassle?

Individual skin diagnostics will determine the relative skin age for the patented immediate rejuvenation treatment: smooths the wrinkles and fills with active hyaluronic acid serum-filler; restores elasticity and derma's density, restoring fibres of collagen and elastine; effectively lifts and nourishes the skin.

Immediate and prolonged effect!
60 min 69.00 €
56.00 €
SkinGravity™ S.MAHLER

Every woman main investment is in her beauty, health and appearance. Plastic surgery is the last resort, since there are many ways to postpone it! French professional dermacosmetics brand SIMONE MAHLER has created an authentic and effective solution for women with lifeless, slackening skin, desiring to turn back the hand of time for visible results - SKIN GRAVITY™!

An exclusive association of new generation ingredients to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin, to redensify it and fight against slackening, and to redefine the facial contours. This high-performance treatment has two main features: cryo-wrap a-top the soothing caviar mask to sculpture the facial oval, and intensive action on facial with stimulating double roll SkinLift to improve tonicity and elasticity.

As a result, already after the first treatment – an immediate provision of tonicity and healthy skin glow, prolonged feeling of tensor effect and saturation of the skin!
starting at 15 min
- 20% €
Shea Butter Mask J.F.LAZARTIGUE
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Not just face and body skin should sparkle and shine and look younger this holiday season!

One must not forget about the hair! Especially with all that styling coming up...hairsprays, dyeing, curling and straightening for the numerous corporate parties, family events and kids' Christmas mornings negatively affects hair health and strength. 

Give your hair a little treat!

A treatment for deep restoration, nourishment and protection of dry, damaged and hard hair with Shea butter. 
Already after just one treatment, even the driest, toughest and most stubborn hair will be easy to comb, acquire natural healthy shine and will remain soft to the touch for a long long time. 

The mask can be taken as a separate treatment or together with the hair styling / cutting. 

During the treatment the hair are exposed to steam in a special steamer for better penetration and additional hydration.
85 min 68.00 €
61.00 €
Slimness Harmony SOTHYS
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Found a perfect dress for the corporate party but some body parts "stand out" a little bit? Want to look stunning on the Christmas Evening? With this comprehensive custom-made slimming treatment you will make it right on time for the festivities!

2-in-1 slimming peeling/wrap, slimming modelling massage and to top it off - application of so called «body coach» that eliminates any fatty deposits!

Cellulite doesn't stand a chance!
105 min 70.00 €
61.00 €
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!
You 2 : Cellulite 0! Still no certainty your Christmas gown is perfect fit? You feel uncomfortable about your body? No worries! The Cellu-Delete™ treatment will erase any doubt this year. It combines super technologies and innovations in cosmetology to fight fatty deposits and cellulite, as well as to shape a stunning figure!

First part of the treatment - an Endermologie® on LPG ® device – worldwide acknowledged fat cells splitting method to eliminate cellulite, firm the skin and shape the body. Just 40 minutes, but you will feel the result!

Afterwards – a highly effective manual part to reduce the body volume consisting of special paste that “empties” the fatty cells, removes stagnant fluid and toxins; and penetration of anti-cellulite serum in accordance with the earlier diagnostics.

Interacting, both these parts of one treatment strengthen the effectiveness and durability of each other!

The price of the special Endermologie® costume is not included.
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May, 2017

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