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February, 2015
Recover your strength!

After full-throttle seasonal festivities comes the time when all you desire is to relax and regain the healthy spirit as well as body and face skin, and think of nothing... We would like to offer you to start 2015 with “batteries recharging” and tranquil treatments!

60 min 54.00 €
39.00 €
Seasonal Care Sothys

Like nature our skin lives in harmony and rhythm with the seasons and it needs vary with their changes. Rich winter menu with natural fruit extracts means fortification, nutrition and hydration combined with protection against negative seasonal aggressions and premature skin ageing prevention. Start 2015 with this divine pleasure!

The softest scrub-mask, relaxing facial massage and the peel-off mask will oxygenate the skin, enrich it with necessary vitamins, restore after all the merrymaking and protect from winter frosts in a record-short time! The beneficial properties of raspberry and litchi will guarantee the sense of comfort and healing!

Effective revival of vitality, shine and healthy complexion for all skin types.

Litchi extract stimulates synthesis of collagen in the tissues. Raspberry extract contains natural active anti-oxidants and provides the skin with elasticity and smoothness, stimulates metabolism, rejuvenates and tonifies, maintains optimal level of hydration.

up to 50 min 88.00 €
70.00 €
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Look younger, no sagging of cheeks and chin, wrinkles-free resilient skin...all this achieved without plastic surgery... EASY! The new-generation Italian device DEKA – the Michelangelo of aesthetic medicine, is like the renaissance sculptor will recreate your perfect facial contour!

An unprecedented in its rejuvenating effect treatment course for efficient non-surgical face and neck skin lift.

The treatment is developed based on individual needs. The Michelangelo system with multifunctional laser platform combines various unique headpieces and energies (diode laser, radiofrequencies). In skillful specialist hands this tool is like the sculptor’s scalpel that creates an ideal facial form, eliminates puffiness, and provides resilience, elasticity and tonicity for the face, neck and décolleté skin.

Such re-sculpturing treatment requires no anaesthesia. For long-lasting results 4 treatments at least once a week are recommended. The effect is immediately visible and grows exponentially.

30 min 27.00 €
21.00 €
Hydro Massage

Water is the foundation of life and the vital source of energy and health. Salty water possesses multiple beneficial properties, including vitamins, micro elements and minerals, especially the Dead Sea salt!

This winter we offer a therapeutic underwater healing jet massage to tone and stimulate tissues, muscles, joints and internal organs. Moreover, you receive a present – the water enriched with sea salt for additional exfoliation, softness of the skin, removal of stress and tension, weight loss and body shaping! 

This treatment is perfect for those coming back from vacation and wishes to maintain a healthy fresh tan. It is especially recommended for complete recuperation to those who has not yet left for vacation and spent the holidays in hustle and bustle!
70 min 65.00 €
53.00 €

An authentic Japanese ritual inspired by the ancient bathing traditions, alluring with delicate aromas and immersing into a haze of insouciance.

All body double peeling (mechanical and enzymatic) with rice powder enriched with cherry blossoms, special feet massage based on acupuncture and a relaxing all body massage with heated pure Shea butter.

This impregnated thousand of year of history ritual will restore and soak not only the body, but also the spirit and change your judgement of the world!

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May, 2017

75 min.
82.00 €
69.00 €
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