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December, 2014
For the most compelling you this holiday!

For the most compelling you these holidays!

75 min
60.00 €
50.00 €
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

A fairy tale facial care!

Renewing, relaxing and anti-ageing treatment with Edelweiss and Arnica flowers extracts, hyaluronic acid and pearl powder.

Immediately fresh, glowing, soft and pampered skin ready for any holiday challenge!

90 min 74.00 €
60.00 €
Energizing IT with Siberian Ginseng SOTHYS

The main goal of this Intensive treatment with Siberian Ginseng extract is to enrich the skin with energy, “revive” and maintain skin’s youth reserve providing it with radiant healthy glow and beauty.

Siberian Ginseng extract, “root of life” is a key to the exclusive products’ formula. Special energizing movements of manual massage Sothys Digi-Esthétique® performed in specific facial areas improve energy flows and help to regain its natural beauty and vitality. This stimulating treatment is perfect to restore energy and skin’s vigor.

Visible efficacy after one treatment – glowing youthful skin and illuminated natural beauty!

60 min 47.00 €
37.00 €
LiftIntense S.Mahler

An intensive restoring treatment with unique combination of technologies of Actilift3S device.

A know-how combination of four active effects: ultrasound skin peeling, controlled radio frequency, sequential ultrasound and evolutive luminology.

As a result – soft, smooth surface of the skin lines-free, plumped and glowing!

starting at 60 min 56.00 €
49.00 €
Tribal orient
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

From Nefertiti to Cleopatra or the queen Sheba...These names are synonymous with the legendary beauty queens of the Orient... Beauty and youth maintenance always stood out in their daily rituals. From the French professional alternative cosmetics brand Bernard Cassière comes the new ritual - TRIBAL ORIENT: «Thousand and one night» bringing you on a journey to Far East and revealing the secrets and mysteries of the ancient beauty queens.

The Oriental well-being ritual begins with purification and exfoliation of the skin using «black soap» with eucalyptus extract and Kessa glove. Then, a body wrap based on Rhassoul, a detoxifying volcanic clay, is applied. The well-being sensation is enhanced with an Oriental massage using Argan oil*!

A genuine oriental experience and journey to the world of relaxation and pleasure for a natural beauty of your body skin!

The treatment is perfect for men and women prone to stress and fatigue with any skin type except reactive. Especially it is recommended for mature, dry skin. Does not eliminate suntan.

You can enhance this complete purification ritual taking it in Hammam. The steam-room warmth will multiply the bliss from the ritual! Only this season – special offer for the “Thousand and one night” in Hammam: 70 € instead of 80 €!

*holistic origin
April, 2017 (Royal Spring)
March, 2017 (Beauty is like art)
February, 2017 (Beauty is an art)
January, 2017 (Magic moments ...)
December, 2016 (Magic moments ...)
November, 2016 (Impeccable face, body, hair... nothing extra)
October, 2016 (Impeccable face, body, hair... nothing extra)
September, 2016 (The essence of skin’s youth and health – its good hydration and relaxation!)
August, 2016 (The essence of skin’s youth and health – its good hydration and relaxation!)
July, 2016 (The best way to get ready for summer!)

April, 2017

75 min.
82.00 €
69.00 €
45 min.
50.00 €
42.50 €
85 min.
68.00 €
59.00 €
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