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November, 2014
Youth suits you!

After an intensive course of peeling and exfoliation in October, now comes the time for skin rejuvenation and elimination of its various imperfections! This November Beauty Institute “Liorá” offers innovative rejuvenating, resculpturing and skin tonus strengthening methods from the leading world brands rich in last generation ingredients and possessing relaxation properties! “Sweet November”!

up to 60 min 300.00 €
200.00 €
Hi-tech Cosmetology
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Photo-rejuvenation is one of the most effective apparatus treatments that, without any injections and surgical interventions, allows to eliminate various skin imperfections and defects.

Medical photo-rejuvenation technology IPL – Intense Pulsed Light, acting upon the deepest layers of the skin, eliminates signs of rosacea at different stages, wrinkles and pigmentation spots; tightens the pores and improves general complexion; lifts facial contours and improves skin elasticity.
Photo-rejuvenation treatment is non-ablative, highly efficient, does not require further rehabilitation and allows to postpone the meeting with the plastic surgeon!

November – is a perfect time for this treatment, as you can correct any skin defects and discover its natural brightness, smoothness and softness right in time for the holiday celebrations! Our leading professionals using PhotosilkPlus device by Italian company DEKA, offers a course of 2 rejuvenating treatments within 3 weeks at a very special price!

Preparation: it is not recommended to sun bath and/or use self-tanning products 2-3 weeks prior to the treatment; it is recommended to stop use of any antibiotics few days before the treatment, as well as avoid using aspirin or ibuprofen; it is compulsory to use high SPF containing products for prolonged result!
up to 90 min 73.00 €
59.00 €
[C] Collagene Hyaluronique™ SOTHYS

Your skin is not always the same age as you!

Individual skin diagnostics will determine the relative skin age for the patented immediate rejuvenation treatment: smooths and fills the wrinkles, restores elasticity and derma's density, effectively lifts and nourishes the skin.

Immediate and prolonged effect!
60 min
65.00 €
SkinGravity™ S.MAHLER
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Every woman main investment is in her beauty, health and appearance. Plastic surgery is the last resort, since there are many ways to postpone it! French professional dermacosmetics brand SIMONE MAHLER has created an authentic and effective solution for women with lifeless, slackening skin, desiring to turn back the hand of time for visible results - SKIN GRAVITY™!

An exclusive association of new generation ingredients to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin, to redensify it and fight against slackening, and to redefine the facial contours. This high-performance treatment has two main features: cryo-wrap a-top the soothing caviar mask to sculpture the facial oval, and intensive action on facial with stimulating double roll SkinLift to improve tonicity and elasticity.

As a result, already after the first treatment – an immediate provision of tonicity and healthy skin glow, prolonged feeling of tensor effect and saturation of the skin!
starting at 60 min 56.00 €
49.00 €
Tribal orient
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

From Nefertiti to Cleopatra or the queen Sheba...These names are synonymous with the legendary beauty queens of the Orient... Beauty and youth maintenance always stood out in their daily rituals. From the French professional alternative cosmetics brand Bernard Cassière comes the new ritual - TRIBAL ORIENT: «Thousand and one night» bringing you on a journey to Far East and revealing the secrets and mysteries of the ancient beauty queens.

The Oriental well-being ritual begins with purification and exfoliation of the skin using «black soap» with eucalyptus extract and Kessa glove. Then, a body wrap based on Rhassoul, a detoxifying volcanic clay, is applied. The well-being sensation is enhanced with an Oriental massage using Argan oil*!

A genuine oriental experience and journey to the world of relaxation and pleasure for a natural beauty of your body skin!

The treatment is perfect for men and women prone to stress and fatigue with any skin type except reactive. Especially it is recommended for mature, dry skin. Does not eliminate suntan.

You can enhance this complete purification ritual taking it in Hammam. The steam-room warmth will multiply the bliss from the ritual! Only this season – special offer for the “Thousand and one night” in Hammam: 70 € instead of 80 €!

*holistic origin
April, 2017 (Royal Spring)
March, 2017 (Beauty is like art)
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April, 2017

75 min.
82.00 €
69.00 €
45 min.
50.00 €
42.50 €
85 min.
68.00 €
59.00 €
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