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September, 2014
Good skin hydration - the essence of youth and health!

Water is one of the most important substances after oxygen vital for any living organism to function properly. Our body on 60% consists of water. During the day we lose it. The skin is the biggest organ of our body that loses water the most. Insufficient amount of moist leads to skin’s dehydration. It is most visible on our skin leading to its premature ageing! That is why, especially during hot summer it is important not only to consume a lot of drinking water, but continuously moisturise your face and body skin. Beauty Institute “Liorá” will help your skin to stay optimaly moisturised and youthfully beautiful, maintaining the summer tan, as well as protect the skin from external aggressions of autumn!

85 min 70.00 €
55.00 €
Hydradvance™ Sothys
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Advanced hydration GENerating program. Discover an absolute, immediate and long-lasting skin hydration.

Inspired by the breakthroughs in genetic engineering, this program stimulates the activity of cells' genes in order to allow the skin regain its natural hydration abilities. New hydration program optimises the hydric flow and reconstitutes the barrier function of the skin. It improves metabolism, stimulates natural skin hydration and "teaches" the skin to preserve moisture. The skin is immediately plumpled and smoothed. The gel-mask with natural starch, glucose and Natural Hydrating Complex lifts the skin, strengthening the facial contours.

An optimal face care for any skin type of both women and men of any age at any given time of the year.
75 min 53.00 €
43.00 €
HydraRadiance S.Mahler

"High-tech hydration"!

Intensive hydration treatment - a blend of apparatus and manual technologies, quintessential for hot summer when our skin is dried out. Cosmeceutical products differentiated with its high concentration of effective ingredients, ultrasound peeling, unique massage and combination of two types of essential masks — all this for the deep hydration and full nourishment of your skin, to quench your thirst and provide an unforgettable sense of comfort.

Moreover, an additional GIFT during the treatment – a unique bio-cellulose eye patch-mask with “second skin” effect! Immediately eliminates wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness in the eye contour area, creating a more radiant look!

60 min 55.00 €
45.00 €
Hydra-nutrition concept Bamboo – Aloe-Vera Bernard Cassière

BERNARD CASSIERE combines the best of both world - nature and high-tech and creates an unprecedented hydrating care!

Bamboo, aloe-vera and cactus extracts together with hyaluronic acid and collagen increase the skin’s hydration level. Sweet almond and avocado oils and Shea butter nourish the skin intensively. The treatment consists of 6 stages, one of which – an innovation in the world of cosmetology: a double hydration mask with collagen, hyaluronic acid and biocellulose fibres. It provides a “second skin” effect and skyrockets by 60% the level of hydration after the first treatment!
up to 120 min

Getting up in the mornings free of putting on make-up troubles? Safe some time on preparing yourself to go out? Permanent make-up is your safe and long lasting solution!

Only this month – an unbelievable offer from our perm specialists! Any permanent make-up treatment to enhance your features, correct asymmetry, shape and contour the eyebrows, lips and/or eye lids– IS 10% LESS!
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April, 2017

75 min.
82.00 €
69.00 €
45 min.
50.00 €
42.50 €
85 min.
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