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April, 2014
Unrivaled hydration and beauty!
Water is one of the most important substances after oxygen vital for any living organism to function properly. Our body on 60% consists of water. During the day we lose it. The skin is the biggest organ of our body that loses water the most. Insufficient amount of moist leads to skin’s dehydration. It is most visible on our skin leading to its premature ageing! That is why, especially during hot summer it is important not only to consume a lot of drinking water, but continuously moisturise your face and body skin. Beauty Institute “Liorá” will help your skin to stay optimally moisturised and youthfully beautiful!
75 min 70.01 €
59.00 €
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Pamper yourself with an exceptional care that combines high-tech advanced hydration developments and unprecedented relaxation.

Advanced hydration GENerating program HYDRADVANCE™ specifically developed for a continuous incomparable skin moisturising effect:
  • restores the skin’s ability to retain moisture in the dermis and epidermis
  • stimulates the natural processes of synthesis and skin hydration
Enjoy the comfortable feeling of refreshed and fully plumped with moisture skin!
Visible results already after one treatment!
up to 120 min 172.00 €
140.00 €

Eyebrow permanent make-up AT A SPECIAL PRICE!

Our colleague Inese Bluma is not just an experienced manicure and medical apparatus pedicure specialist. She also very professionally and accurately performs...permanent make-up! So, in April - create the eyebrows of your dreams!
30 min 21.00 €
17.00 €

Remedial manual underwater massage to tone and stimulate the tissues, muscles, joints and internal organs.

During the treatment the specialist uses automatic hydro-massage bath mode, as well as manually operated water stream to target certain problematic areas.
This treatment eliminates stress, encourages weight loss and shape a perfect silhouette for the bikinis!
15 min 12.01 €
10.00 €
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Thorough scalp cleansing with Propolis Jelly.

This treatment guarantees micro circulation improvement and additional oxygenation of hair roots, thus ensuring its healthy growth. Simultaneously it removes excess sebum and dead cells, disinfects, relieves itching and irritation (frequent predecessors of dandruff).

The duration of the treatment is only 15 minutes. The paraben-free propolis jelly is applied directly on the scalp and its impact is amplified by a light massage. Perfect prior to hair dyeing, hair cut and/or hair cut!

Ask your hairdresser/barber!

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April, 2017

75 min.
82.00 €
69.00 €
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