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December, 2013
Winter is full of occasions and during this time it is particularly important to relax and recuperate! We will offer everything for your well-being!!!
75 min
64.03 €
49.80 €
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Gold has always been the most precious gift of all...That's why this holiday season Bernard Cassière indulges you with it's limited edition "gem"!

Renovating, relaxing and preventing the ageing process, this treatment consists of most exquisite ingredients - black caviar extract, 23-24 carat gold, extract of vineyard of Champagne leaves and pearl powder! Special holiday edition!

Soft, comfortable, renewed silky skin as if illuminated golden complexion already after first treatment!
90 min 74.00 €
59.76 €
Energizing IT with Siberian Ginseng SOTHYS
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

The main goal of this Intensive Treatment is to compensate and preserve the integrity of skin’s youth reserves in order to maintain the glowing radiance that ensures beauty.

Energising Intensive treatment is a balanced harmony of exclusive formulas and Sothys Digi-Esthétique® manual massage. Special energizing movements are performed on certain face areas to improve the flow of energy thus helping the skin to restore its natural beauty and liveliness. This manual booster treatment is ideal on its own or to prepare for a course of anti-ageing or hydrating Intensive treatments to restore skin’s energy and radiance.

Radiant efficiency after just 1 treatment – the face is glowing revealing its natural beauty!

70 min 57.00 €
50.00 €
Repairlift™ S.Mahler

May the wrinkles decorate your pet, not you!

EGF-Repairlift™ - is a complete programme that combines scientific advances, effectiveness and efficiency due to at-the-edge innovations in DermaCosmetics. Epidermal Growth Factors comprising all the treatment products stimulate skin regeneration, slow down the dehydration process and prolong the cells' vitality.
Technical rejuvenating care for all skin types after 40 years of age. It reduces the wrinkles and prevents their appearance, improves tonicity, elasticity, turgor and structure of the skin as well as restores healthy youthful glow!
70 min 65.00 €
54.99 €
Hanakasumi™ Sothys
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

An exquisite ritual inspired by ancient Japanese bathing ceremony!

Immerse in the atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation with full body peeling and massage using signature Japanese extracts - rice and cherry blossom. An inseparable part - reflexo-therapy based foot massage to eliminate stress and fatigue.

Perfect "escape" from holiday season organisational stress!

May, 2017 (Dreaming of a beach...)
April, 2017 (Royal Spring)
March, 2017 (Beauty is like art)
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September, 2016 (The essence of skin’s youth and health – its good hydration and relaxation!)
August, 2016 (The essence of skin’s youth and health – its good hydration and relaxation!)

May, 2017

75 min.
82.00 €
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