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December, 2012
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90 min
Secrets de Sothys® Link
72.57 €
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Secrets de Sothys®
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

АThe atmosphere of enchantment and magic, candlelight, relaxing music, sensual fragrances sinking You into nirvana, where time ceases to exist. Pleasure, peace and warmth. All you see, feel, breathe or hear is a source of well-being. Multi-sensory exposure and impeccable care, combination of exclusive manual massage technique Sothys Digi-Esthètique® and rich neurocosmetic products’ textures are at the heart of SECRETS DE SOTHYS® program. The skin takes on a new shine!

Ageing processes are determined by the genetic factors, environmental factors, dietary habits etc. Referring to the youth as to a fragile and valuable gift, the professionals at SOTHYS Laboratory considered all the variables and used the latest state-of-the-art knowledge in order to create a unique at its effectiveness anti-ageing line.

Innovative multi-sensory facial program Secrets de Sothys® blends the latest biotechnology advances, the highest performance and delicate, pleasant textures. The care using this program’s products gives you a sense of bliss and absolute well-being.
An hour and a half surrounded by splendour! After general relaxing massage, anti-ageing facial massage, “Metamorphose” mask and rejuvenating serum application there are no signs of stress left, the vitality is restored, and the skin is smoothed and lifted. Because of its multi-sensory affect the program magnificently eliminates fatigue, emotional tension and restores energy. Besides that, the research carried out Visioscan and Corneometer, proved that already after the first treatment the wrinkle depth is decreased by 14% and the skin moisture is improved by 31%.

This exquisite care will provide you with vital relaxation, detoxification, restoration, lifting and wrinkle filling. It is perfect for premature ageing prevention and pleasant emotional condition. Eliminates any stress – the main sign of skin ageing.

45 min
42.69 €
28.32 €
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Oriental face care rituals are considered one of the most ancient beauty and youth secrets of women...

The highest merit of Japanese women beauty is soft and resilient skin with smooth satin glow. Throughout the centuries the use of rice starch Nuka peeling has been used to achieve this merit. Soft facial peeling in special pouches soaked in enzyme lotion with green tea leaves and pineapple extracts by an ancient Nuka Bukulo method. In the process of peeling white emulsion is formed on the face – a rice milk that after few moments of impact it softens and protects the skin, provides a pearly glow.

Following relaxing face massage with Oriental Argan oil (rare and precious extract posses rejuvenating properties, improves skin’s elasticity) and Maroccan Rose petals (it’s therapeutic properties has been known since ancient times, has astringent, regenerating and toning properties) allows to take a rest from all the daily stress and worries, quickly and effectively prepare oneself for any corporate party or family Christmas dinners!

90 min
Winter Radiance™ Link
51.22 €
41.26 €
Winter Radiance™
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Your skins holiday youth and radiance!

Winter Radiance™ treatment unites deep cleansing, modelling with reconstructing mask based on pollen, that provides the shine; active influence of micro currents and ultrasound with rejuvenating serum, that intensively moisturizes and eliminates lines. Final touch – application of the cream with sea buckthorn and pomegranate extracts, that envelopes the skin with delicate fruity scent.

«Winter Radiance» - an intensive rejuvenating and renewing treatment that will make you simply irresistible!

80 min 62.61 €
51.22 €

Escape on an exotic adventure to the East!

Following the awakening prelude the specialist performs an exfoliation with a “delicious” scrub, then a manual massage with a precious Shea butter and an authentic Indian hot stone massage in aromatic pouches. Prepared in pre-heated warm oil, filled with a composition of oriental spices these gracefully glide on the skin, intensely nourishing and hydrating it. The bitter orange and nutmeg scents accompany the massage and fill the space with therapeutic fragrance, immerse one in a relaxation, balance the thoughts and senses.
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March, 2017

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