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November, 2012
Perfect face, body and mood
50 min 113.83 €
78.26 €
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!
Who does not wish to look younger, to get rid of saggy skin in the cheeks and chin area, to smooth out the wrinkles and regain turgor of youthful skin? And all that without any surgical intervention?
Italian company’s DEKA device – so called "MICHELANGELO of the aesthetic medicine", is more then capable, just like a sculptor from the Renaissance era, to form your perfect facial outline!

THE ONLY IN THE BALTIC STATES unprecedented device with unparallel rejuvenating efficiency, guarantees non-surgical face and neck skin lifting. Individually tailored treatment. The «Michelangelo»system with multifunctional laser platform, combines unique headpieces to blend various energy sources (diode laser, radio frequency waves).
In the hands of our highly-qualified specialists, like a real sculptor’s chisel, this “instrument” creates ideal face shape, as well as eliminates swelling, provides tone, elasticity and firmness for the face, neck and décolleté skin.

Such “sculpturing” treatment does not require anaesthesia. To achieve sustainable results a course of at least 6 treatments once a week is recommended. The effect occurs immediately and grows exponentially.

60 min 31.30 €
27.03 €
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!
Classical massage – the oldest treatment for more then 4 000 years used to achieve positive affect of physical and psychological state of a human being.

The professional classical massage, performed by our new specialist Maria Buevich, removes muscle tension, pain and fatigue, lessens the intensity of chronic pain, increases muscle elasticity and skin’s firmness, helps to relax as well as cope with stress and depression, improves sleep, provides energy and tonicity for a long time.

40 min 41.26 €
34.15 €

With the coming cold two questions arise: What to eat and How to lose weight? So, once again, dieting, slimming, sporting…

But, before kicking off with highly effective and efficient sliming and body shaping procedures it is important to begin with skin detoxification.
The new treatment does not only cleanse the skin, smooth its relief, activate blood circulation, but also eliminate the toxins. It consists of peeling and body wrap, to empty fat cells. Feet massage during the wrap balances out the functioning of the organism.

April, 2017 (Royal Spring)
March, 2017 (Beauty is like art)
February, 2017 (Beauty is an art)
January, 2017 (Magic moments ...)
December, 2016 (Magic moments ...)
November, 2016 (Impeccable face, body, hair... nothing extra)
October, 2016 (Impeccable face, body, hair... nothing extra)
September, 2016 (The essence of skin’s youth and health – its good hydration and relaxation!)
August, 2016 (The essence of skin’s youth and health – its good hydration and relaxation!)
July, 2016 (The best way to get ready for summer!)

March, 2017

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