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April, 2012
The Queen of Spring
60 min 51.22 €
41.26 €
Seasonal Care

In winter our skin suffers from cold, frostbites and crusting. It needs careful seasonal care!

Licorice, mint and cocoa beans extracts included in this professional express-treatment with delicious gourmand fragrances, will plunge you into the world of freshness and well-being. The skin will become softer, full or vigor, vital energy and with healthy glow. And the most important – an indulging melting Mint Gourmand Fluid enriched with vitamins to continue your care at home AS A GIFT!
"April hath put a spirit of youth in everything..." W.Shakespeare
Spring is a time to cleanse the skin from notorious winter :accumulations:, revive it and let it breathe with spring freshness.
Beauty Institute “Liorá” offers in April facial peeling treatments for ONLY 29 Ls:
60 min 51.22 €
41.26 €
Resurfacing Peeling Care

Cosmeceutical skin rejuvenation program with chemical peeling and microdermabrasion.

Detoxifying exfoliating paste; deep soft resurfacing with Glycolic and Salicylic acids; rebalancing balm with exclusive patented cosmeceutical complex H2CR™ and melting texture to encourage healthy cells regeneration; cooling mask to encourage cellular oxygenation for comfort and hydration; to finish the treatment – nourishing elixir with "dry oil" texture!

As a result - radiant and energised skin, improved complexion, elasticity and texture (especially of skin with visible pores).

60 min 51.22 €
41.26 €
AHA&Cranberry IT

Professional rejuvenating microdermabrasion with cranberry, raspberry, blueberry and currant extracts.

The treatment includes two-phase peeling, restoring mask and finishes with Retinol cream application for protection from external factors and to prolong anti-ageing effect of the treatment.

As a result - soft skin with smooth and even complexion.

40 min 41.26 €
34.15 €
Detox Body Wrap

Spring has arrived and everyone hurried to make some amendments to their body shapes.

But before you proceed with highly effective anti-cellulite and weight-loss treatments and products, one should thoroughly detoxify the skin.
This new treatment will not only deeply cleanse the skin, smooth it out and activate the blood circulation, but will also eliminate the toxins. The treatment consists of body exfoliation and wrap to detoxify the skin and "empty" the fatty cells. The feet massage performed during the wrap will balance out general organism functioning.

April, 2017 (Royal Spring)
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April, 2017

75 min.
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