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December, 2011
Shine this winter!

Christmas and New Year celebrations and preparations bring not only joy, an uplifted mood, gifts, friendly gatherings and feasts, but also significant expenses. For your beauty care not to suffer in such situation, we offer a unique package of services to restore your strength, to infuse freshness and health to your face and body skin before, during and after winter festivities!!!

105 min
Winter Emergency Beauty Kit Link
71.14 €
45.53 €
Winter Emergency Beauty Kit
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!
A ravishing body exfoliation with fragrant “marmalade” scrub containing ginger, nutmeg particles and eucalyptus, cardamom and neroli essential oils. It creates an inimitable sense of holiday. Perfect cleansing, nourishment and toning of your skin to restore your well-being.

Facial care for any skin type helps to maintain elasticity, resilience and youthfulness!

And for complete luxurious care – paraffin bath for silky hands softens, moisturises and rejuvenates your hands skin.

No, no, that is not all yet! Hot «Christmas» tea (or coffee) with ginger breads! Now it is a true blissfulness, an achieved personal holiday! And quite quick and cost effective!

ATTENTION: LIMITED OFFER! Only 20 kits are available

CONDITIONS: Purchasing the kit you must use all treatments in one day. Signing up beforehand is compulsory. In case you can not use the service, please cancel Your reservation within 24 hours beforehand, otherwise it is non refundable.
The offer is valid until 28.02.2012.
Standard package price – 50 Ls. More information: +371 67373721; +371 26821593; +371 29128280 or email

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90 min
72.57 €
61.04 €
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

The atmosphere of enchantment and magic, candlelight, relaxing music, sensual fragrances sinking You into nirvana, where time ceases to exist. Pleasure, peace, warmth. All you see, feel, breathe or hear is a source of well-being. Multi-sensory exposure and impeccable care, and combination of exclusive manual massage technique Sothys Digi-Esthètique and rich neurocosmetic products’ textures are at the heart of SECRETS DE SOTHYS® program. The skin takes on a new shine!

Ageing processes are determined by the genetic factors, environmental factors, dietary habits etc. Referring to the youth as to a fragile and valuable gift, the professionals at SOTHYS Laboratory considered all the variables and used the latest state-of-the-art knowledge in order to create a unique at its effectiveness anti-ageing line. Innovative multi-sensory facial program Secrets de Sothys® blends the latest biotechnology advances, the highest performance and delicate, pleasant textures.

The care using this program’s products gives you a sense of bliss and absolute well-being. An hour and a half surrounded by splendor! After general relaxing massage, anti-ageing facial massage, “Metamorphose” mask and rejuvenating serum application there are no signs of stress left, the vitality is restored, and the skin is smoothed and lifted. Because of its multi-sensory affect the program magnificently eliminates fatigue, emotional tension and restores energy.
Besides that, the research carried out Visioscan and Corneometer, proved that already after the first treatment the wrinkle depth is decreased by 14% and the skin moisture is improved by 31%.

This exquisite care will provide you with vital relaxation, detoxification, restoration, lifting and wrinkle filling. It is perfect for premature ageing prevention and pleasant emotional condition. Eliminates any stress – the main sign of skin ageing.

Limited offer!
70 min
Winter Radiance™ Link
49.80 €
35.43 €
Winter Radiance™

Your skins holiday youth and radiance!

Winter Radiance treatment unites deep cleansing, modelling with reconstructing mask based on pollen, that provides the shine; active influence of micro currents and ultrasound with rejuvenating serum, that intensively moisturizes and eliminates lines. Final touch – application of the cream with sea buck thorn and pomegranate extracts, that envelopes the skin with delicate fruity scent.

«Winter Radiance» - an intensive rejuvenating and renewing treatment that will make you simply irresistible!
90 min
39.70 €

Beauty secrets of the ancient tribes from Amazon River to African savannah…

An extraordinary journey to the exotic places with ethnic music and “voodoo” magic. This, and unprecedented saturation, renewal and perfect complexion, awaits you in the new facial Institute Treatment from Bernard Cassiere, thanks to the original active ingredients – Polynesian serum, Mozambique balm, Moroccan clay…

Immerse yourself into the mystery of eternal beauty and retrieve the youth!

60 min 54.07 €
39.84 €

Summer is Back!

The bright colors and delicious combinations of fruit and flower extracts, textures and fragrances will take you into the world of freshness and great feeling. Raspberry and jasmine flower extracts contained in the cosmetic products enrich the skin with vitamins and essential micro elements, perfectly soften, moisturize and regenerate the skin, retrieving its elasticity, sparkle and comfort. Serene scent of raspberry and jasmine will follow you everywhere for a long time, it will let you forget about the winter and bring back sunshine and warmth into your imagination… a great way to escape the cold!

This treatment is a true delight for gourmand and a 100% comfort and relaxation!

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January, 2017 (Magic moments ...)
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November, 2016 (Impeccable face, body, hair... nothing extra)
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September, 2016 (The essence of skin’s youth and health – its good hydration and relaxation!)
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July, 2016 (The best way to get ready for summer!)

April, 2017

75 min.
82.00 €
69.00 €
45 min.
50.00 €
42.50 €
85 min.
68.00 €
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