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March, 2017
Beauty is like art
Beauty - is an art...

Get Ready! Steady! MARCH!

It's crispy cold outside, though some distant sunrays are visible through the cllouds and in our windows...the thoughts about hot summer days prevail our minds...

The nature awakens and so are our bodies, demanding a re-start, a re-boot and better care. Moreover, March is an eceptionally good month to relax, restore your strength and energy and get ready for the beach!

45 min 47.00 €
39.90 €
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

An intensive restoring treatment with a know-how combination of four active effects!

An ultrasound skin peeling for deeper and better face, neck and decollete cleansing; controlled radio frequency for lifting effect; sequential ultrasound for optimal skin repair and evolutive luminology for an accelerated disered result.

Already after just one treatment - the skin is soft, its surface is smooth without lines. The skin is plumped and glowing.

Recommended course: 4 treatments.

This special offer is valid only for appointment with beautician Lelde SKUTELE, for you to know better our Beauty Institute's“Liorá” new specialist!
50 min 88.00 €
65.00 €

Who does not wish to look younger, to get rid of saggy skin in the cheeks and chin area, to smooth out the wrinkles and regain turgor of youthful skin? And all that without any surgical intervention? Italian company’s DEKA device – so called "MICHELANGELO of the aesthetic medicine", is more then capable, just like a sculptor from the Renaissance era, to form your perfect facial outline!

THE ONLY IN THE BALTIC STATES unprecedented device with unparalleled rejuvenating efficiency, guarantees non-surgical face and neck skin lifting.

Individually tailored treatment. The «Michelangelo» system with multi-functional laser platform, combines unique headpieces to blend various energy sources (diode laser, radio frequency waves). In the hands of our highly-qualified specialists, like a real sculptor’s chisel, this “instrument” creates ideal face shape, as well as eliminates swelling, provides tone, elasticity and firmness for the face, neck and décolleté skin.

Such “sculpturing” treatment does not require anesthesia. To achieve sustainable results a course of at least 6 treatments once a week is recommended. The effect occurs immediately and grows exponentially.

up to 45 min 88.00 €
65.00 €

Effective regeneration and rejuvenation of the face, neck and décolleté skin; formation of distinctive facial contours; elimination of puffiness, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and sagging upper eyelid with the one and only medical device C.D.T. evolution® equipped with control panel of gas flow, its purity, pressure and temperature, guaranteeing complete safety of the carboxy therapy.

With the help of a thin needle the sterile medical carbon dioxide is injected subcutaneously. The gas starts acting immediately causing instant vasodilatation and sharp blood circulation increase, thus boosting the blood flow to the places of the introduction of the CO2.

Activating the micro circulation higher amount of oxygen and nutrients enters the treated area commencing cells regeneration. Carboxytherapy is entirely safe and effective!

Regenerates and revitalises the skin, models facial contours, smoothes out the wrinkles and eliminates dark circles under the eyes. For man and women any time of the year with any skin type without following rehabilitation period.

Reminder: the therapy is carried on face, neck, décolleté and eye contour area!
85 min 68.00 €
59.00 €
Slimness Harmony Sothys
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

Remember these jeans that are in your wardrobe that are too tight, but you still hope to fit into them? With this all-inclusive slimming treatment to reduce undesirable fatty deposits, cellulite and excess weight you will be one step closer to this goal!

The uniqueness of this treatment is how it is adapted individually according to the body condition identified during the diagnostics!

Peeling, body wrap, energizing anti-cellulite massage and the application of a true fats accumulations "exterminator"!

Don't miss becuase now is the right time to start getting ready for the summer! Cellulite does not stand a chance!
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March, 2017

45 min.
47.00 €
39.90 €
50 min.
88.00 €
65.00 €
up to 45 min.
88.00 €
65.00 €
85 min.
68.00 €
59.00 €
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