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May, 2017
Dreaming of a beach...
75 min
Perfect Shape + HD Eye Contour Treatment SOTHYS Link
82.00 €
69.00 €
Perfect Shape + HD Eye Contour Treatment SOTHYS
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

“The law of gravitation works!” – rejoiced Newton discovering gravity. “The law of gravitation works on my nerve”, thinks a woman sadly examining herself in the mirror.

Over the intervening years gravity has left an indelible impact on her face: the once immaculate oval “drifted”, cheeks sagged, and neck drooped. “How to return the time when I was young and beautiful”, she sighs understanding how unreal it is, to cancel gravitation and turn back the time. But this woman is lucky: she lives in the twenty first century, the time of Cosmetic miracles by SOTHYS…

A complete care program restores facial contours, neck and décolleté skin appearance, and rejuvenates eye contour skin providing it with healthy glow! Just one treatment to make you recognisably younger!

Perfect Shape – treatment, unprecedented in its efficiency and targeted action, restores perfect oval and reveals neck and décolleté skin's elasticity and firmness TOGETHER with HD Eye Contour treatment for an immediate elimination of visible ageing and fatigue signs of the eye contour skin: dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.

Both treatments are well recommended for men!
75 min 69.00 €
59.00 €

Beauty and youth are directly proportional to the time we invest in personal care...

To fight against the signs of time effects French professional Alternative cosmetics brand Bernard Cassière has renewed its best-seller rejuvenating treatment Time Interceptor!

Professional skin diagnostic, unique biotechnological inventions for optimal signs of ageing elimination and minimisation, new massage techniques, 3 masks and 2 specific massages, targeted action concentrated wrinkles filler, but most importantly – organic natural high concentration ingredients!

Visible results already after first treatment.

Immediate effect of the treatment – visibly younger looking face with smoothed out wrinkles, impeccable relaxed complexion.
90 min 78.00 €
68.00 €
Liftoplastie S. Mahler

A high-tech intensive rejuvenation treatment!

The consistent use of the ultrasound and micro-currents facilitates active penetration of rejuvenating serum and treats each wrinkle with the individually crafted program.
Say “NO” to aging skin, undefined face contour, wrinkles, elasticity and skin tone deficiency!
60 min 64.00 €
54.00 €
Stubborn cellulite removal SOTHYS
Beauty institute Liorá recommends!

A special thermo-active mud wrap combined with unique modelling aimed at stubborn areas (abdomen, thighs, arms, waist and buttocks).

The treatment also includes body condition diagnostics and, as finishing touch, application of a fat accumulations "liquidator" Essential Slimming care.

ONLY the perfect silhouette - nothing less, nothing more!
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May, 2017

75 min.
82.00 €
69.00 €
90 min.
78.00 €
68.00 €
60 min.
64.00 €
54.00 €
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