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Just like the nature, our skin "lives" in the rhythm of seasons. Like the seasons change, the skin needs change.

Light summer or rich winter menu with natural fruits or exotic plants extracts is a fortifying, nourishing and hydrating skin care with simultaneous protection against adverse influence of seasonal aggressions and prevention of premature skin ageing.

In spring our skin shows the signs of fatigue - full of toxins, it lacks the ability to regenerate efficiently.

Enveloping atmosphere of serenity, fresh exotic fragrances and organic vegetal extracts of carambola and persimmon, vital vitamins and micro elements that meet the seasonal needs of the skin - all this is a new professional Spring-Summer 2017 skin care by SOTHYS.

The treatment, based on chronobiology and skin cells enrichment with vitamins and oxygen, restores the skin, revitalises it and provides healthy glow!

Real gourmand-worthy pleasure from beneficial carambola and persimmon extracts and 100% comfort and relaxation!

This season's new Must-Have for your make-up bag: Complexion beautifier - fruity gel-cream with melting texture and universal shade for a healthy glow of any skin type and complexion. Ophthalmological tested.
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Being fashionable is not just following the fashion weeks and catwalk hairstyles, it is also stylish up-to-date make-up!

French professional cosmetics brand SOTHYS adds value to its «More then just a make-up» line with seasonal collection that would please trendsetters and conservatives.

Désert Chic - the Spring-Summer 2017 make up collection will bring out your inner chic adventurer!

A Must-Havecalligraphy eyeliner for a perfect finish!
Discover the ultimate face and body treatment with SECRETS DE SOTHYS®!

Discover the ultimate face and body care excellence with SECRETS DE SOTHYS®!

SOTHYS reveals it new "haute-couture" programme and invites you into a prestige and mysterious world of beauty, luxury and perfection:
The program includes all the attributes of "haute couture" in beauty: exclusivity, perfection, status, authenticity and luxury.
A fine abundance of beauty...

Secrets de Sothys ® ritual elegantly and stylishly combines the ingredients for the ultimate unique treatment, an unforgettable well-being experience in a subtly perfumed atmosphere!
An exceptional treatment that meets your needs:
  • relaxation and sensoriality; 
  • advanced efficiency: hydration, anti-ageing, radiance. 

La Crème 128 - the one of a kind cream with unique "360° youth action" deep inside the skin. This cream is packed with exceptional active ingredients and contains the most precious secret, the appearance of skin youth. its voluptuous and subtly perfumed texture captivates the skin through the most delicious of beauty rituals. The skin is regenerated and the vitality of young skin is restored, the skin is other, as if lifte, and is more beautiful then ever, the skin dazzles with beauty and appears visibly younger!
The mos advanced science for the most advanced cream contained in the porcelain treasure by the BERNARDAUD, for the first time in the hisotyr of cosmetics!

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February, 2017

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