Beauty Parlor design 2010

Our long-term partners from Lithuania, Hairs Professional magazine, that is also quite successful here in Latvia, in the beginning of this year has offered us to participate in their competition for the best design of Beauty Parlor in 2010 - „Salonu Dizains 2010”.

Of course, we could not say NO regardless the lack of any particular bling-bling desing... Nevertheless, as the participants (and partners) we were invited for a little after-party and award ceremony.

The event was home-like and was held in a recently opened boutique-style restaurant (and fashion studio) Food and Fashion (Vaļņu 26)... Yes yes, exactly! 3-in-1! The co-owner Martins Pupols, he is also a designer (worked in Italy), as well as the member of a judges panel charmed us with his charisma, very interesting designs but also with gourmand dishes prepared by another co-owner and chief Mareks Voiteckis!
But the water jar design took our breath away - it was so "delicious" :)

Thank you so much, our dear friends and partners from the magazine and to our colleagues-participants!

P.S. The winner of this competition was – Strogonoff

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