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Each Beauty Institute "Liorá" loyal customer has an opportunity to receive a Loyalty Card. We appreciate the commitment of everyone to our Institute and we want to add a special importance to every visit.

Beauty Institute "Liorá" Loyalty Card provides to its possessor certain priveleges:

  • individual bonus depending on the frequency of visits, treatments used and products bought in our Shop;
  • 10% discount Birthday Gift for all services and products purchased in our Institute during one visit throughout a month;
  • regular information about Beauty Institutes novelties and special offers vie a-mails.

To become Loyalty Card holder one needs to use Beauty Institute's services at least 3 times. After the first visit, if You wish to join our Loyalty Card holders program, please, fill in the formed provided by our receptionist. After the third visit You will receive the Loyalty Card with unique ID number. You can use this ID number signing up for treatments.

We will be happy to welcome you to our Loyal Customer ranks!


Offer glorious celebration and incredible relaxation with Beauty Institute "Liorá" Gift Voucher! It is a great idea to wish Happy Birthday, celebrate any holiday - Christmas, New Years, St.Valentine's day, 8th March etc...Sometimes there is no need for a special occasion...

Beauty Institute's Gift Voucher can be purchased for certain sum or for certain treatment or treatments program. Minimum amount is 15.00 EUR and the Gift Voucher is valid for 6 months after purchase date.


Please note, that the efficiency of some treatments is higher after a session and for those you can purchase a course of treatments!


Clients are offered to park their cars at a spacious guarded parking lot in a close proximity to the Beauty Institute for a fixed price regardless of how long you stay in the Beauty Institute.


Should inform in advance, if they wish to consult with a therapist, by phone (+371) 67373721 or cell (+371) 26821593.

April, 2018

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